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Hey! Thanks for taking the time to write up those ideas.  Few real quick reactions/responses:

1 - Creative mode is on my longer list of things to look at doing.
2 - There's wayyy more scrap than you'll ever need in the world. (which why scrap recycling exists). Also want to just encourage players to travel farther if they're that late in the game to collect those kinds of resources. The world generation is (almost) infinite in each direction.
3 - Have considered having multiple planets you could jump between a while back, could be cool, but also a lot of work to add in enough new planet biomes and content to make it interesting and worth while. But going to keep thinking about it.
4/5 - So like a RV / caravan?  There'll be some new vehicle stuff in the next update (trailers), and more vehicle types coming later.
6 -  Wind turbines would be neat, but it's more of a balancing / usefulness thing.  Sandstorms don't last very long (or usually happen that frequently). And if they always provide a low amount of power (and more during sandstorms), is there a way to make them different enough to warrant building vs solar panels or RTGs.
7 - Been looking into this recently. But no timeline for it right now.
8 - Console support unfortunately won't be possible without porting the whole game to another engine.