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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Game ideas

A topic by Woomy (i just really like splatoon) created Aug 29, 2018 Views: 214 Replies: 5
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Hi I have some ideas for the future of Mewnbase so please read and give your ideas I would love to read them.

1. A creative mode which gives you near infinite resources but now you will have a resource meter which will fill up when you pick up ore, scrap metal or rocks

2. Respawning ore and scrap metal so people wont feel like there are no more resources.

3. The ability to make spaceships and go to other planets/moons and maybe even the ability to make space stations.

4. More vehicles such as planes or trucks which will segway into the next idea.

5. A truck like vehicle that you can build on to make a portable base of sorts or a little tent like thing that takes up one space and acts like a battery a air cleaner and a air lock combined but you will have to place your own power source for the battery and yes the way I imagine it you will be able to power other things with it such as a smelter or other base components but they will not connect to the tent.

6. A windmill to produce power during sandstorms.

7. A way to install mods to add things to the game which will allow things to be added without the developer needing to know how to add it.

8.This sounds kind of crazy but a console realease would be really cool and if it still exists the developer could put it on that xbox indie game thing i think its gone but they could look at that.

I will edit it whenever I get a new idea so stay tuned to see more ideas.


Hey! Thanks for taking the time to write up those ideas.  Few real quick reactions/responses:

1 - Creative mode is on my longer list of things to look at doing.
2 - There's wayyy more scrap than you'll ever need in the world. (which why scrap recycling exists). Also want to just encourage players to travel farther if they're that late in the game to collect those kinds of resources. The world generation is (almost) infinite in each direction.
3 - Have considered having multiple planets you could jump between a while back, could be cool, but also a lot of work to add in enough new planet biomes and content to make it interesting and worth while. But going to keep thinking about it.
4/5 - So like a RV / caravan?  There'll be some new vehicle stuff in the next update (trailers), and more vehicle types coming later.
6 -  Wind turbines would be neat, but it's more of a balancing / usefulness thing.  Sandstorms don't last very long (or usually happen that frequently). And if they always provide a low amount of power (and more during sandstorms), is there a way to make them different enough to warrant building vs solar panels or RTGs.
7 - Been looking into this recently. But no timeline for it right now.
8 - Console support unfortunately won't be possible without porting the whole game to another engine.

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Thanks for replying. Also when I was reading other topics I realized you said an android port would be hard because of touchscreen controls you could make it exclusively controller but its fine if you cant do that not judging.

How about defense turrets when eg. sandbugs get to close to base... Ofc we need sandbugs first :)

Great idea!