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Hello! Thanks for the update and happy new year to you!
I knew something was off when we weren't getting monthly reports anymore, so I hope you're not neglecting your well-being. Sending you all the positivity and the support you need to achieve your dream :D

Now, to answer your questions :

1 - Okay so as someone who had a scheltered childhood and absolutely HATES being babied as a result, it was clear since the extra story for me lol; But I can see how their relationship became complicated, especially when you also have people twisting the whole story and trying to turn your own friends against you for their own agenda.

2- I've tried a few! I've noticed that -when playing as the Ruler achetype- we can even choose to keep playing with Mathias' feelings or want something more. I really loved this detail!

3- My favorite things about this update :
- The detail I've mentioned earlier when interacting with Mathias.
- The fact that we could get Mandra involved during our days in the Academia.
- Waking up with Mathias besides me...Like seriously, this is so fucking cute. I literally live for these interactions

My least favorite thing about this update :
- We didn't see Mandra...YET (Yes, I'm saying this now but I'm pretty sure I'll end up regretting it later, after they've unleashed their chaotic energy on my poor soul xD)

4- I recall Mathias implying that Melike is bossy so I want to see her in action. Curio intrigues me too, I need to see how powerful their magic actually is.

Thanks again and have a nice day/evening! :)

Aww, thank you so much for your great feedback and your kind words!

I'm SO glad you mentioned the option to keep playing with Matt or not! There are variations of it for every archetype (depending on past choices), and I really hoped that would give people more agency over their feelings for Matt. I'm happy you liked it. ♥

In the next update, you'll definitely see a lot more of Mand, Mel, and Curio 8D I hope you'll enjoy it too! ♥♥♥