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Hello! I've sent you an email a few days ago, let me know if you've received it 😄

Just a thought I had when playing chapter 3: maybe you should add "animal cruelty" to the content warning list! 😅😉

You need to look for the smiling emojis, they work as saving points! 

Ah nevermind! We save through saving points lol

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Like the people who commented before me, I'm unable to save the game too. When I quit, I have to start my playthrough from scratch. 💔 If there's a work around, please let me know, this game looks really promising! 🥺

I have a Discord account and an email. Should I post them here? Because the comment section is public so I'll have to delete my message afterwards haha 😆

Omg I missed so many games, time for a marathon I guess... 😏

Just finished the game and I wasnt expecting that ending hahaha! 😂 I love it! 🥰

Hello, I come from a Third World Country (won't say which though for the sake of privacy) and we do not have credit cards here. Thinking that they're available all around the world is a huge misconception. So try to see it from the pespective of these people. 🙂

That being said, the hate towards OP is unwarranted though. They shouldnt be blamed for something beyond their control.

This is a reminder for me to try this out later.

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Hello it's me again, coming to report two bugs 👋

1- If we trigger the "Blood for Thane" quest after lying to Thane during his night event, the item is going to stay in the inventory even upon quest completion.

2- If the vial of blood was crafted wayyy before his night event however, we can give it to Thane but it's not listed as a  "completed quest" in the quests tab at all.

Still lurking. 👀🥰

Thank you! 🤩


Still lurking. 👀🥰

Sad...Thank you for telling me.

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I've made a quick guide for all the Discussion Topics you can find in the demo so far. Feel free to use it for future replays! Let me know if I've missed any, I haven't updated my game yet.

Keep in mind that Fia is at the Side Garden during the first exploration phase, so you shouldnt explore this area unless you've gathered all the topics you can discuss with her. Arshem however, won't spawn until the second exploration phase. You can find him in the Courtyard, leaning against a wall.

-Curse Runes: You automatically learn this one during Dietrich's class.

I- Topics you can learn during the first exploration phase (Ink for Inkwell quest):

• Library :
- Soulmates: Click on the scroll encased in glass to your right, the one in front of the bookcases.
- Vampire Kingdom: Behind the student who's sitting at the table you'll find a tiny bookcase with two scrolls on it. Click on these scrolls to see the world map and learn about the Vampire Kingdom.
- How to make blood pops and mixed blood: Press the "move" button to your right. You'll see a student complaining about the school uniform. Click on the bookshelf that's behind them.

• Mrs Edna's Lab:
- The Blood Moon: Click on the Armillary Sphere.

• Principal's Office:
- Whispering Globe: You learn it after you've touched the globe.

• Courtyard:

- Leeches: Student sitting near the courtyard's entrance.

• Fountain:
- Choir: The two girls walking by the fountain. [Can be discussed with Fia later]

• Archery field:
- Arshem's mother: The three students sitting at the table. [Can be discussed with Arshem later]

• Arena:
- Drakmar Witch: Speak to Diana Sharom and accept to share a few stories with her to learn this topic. [Can be discussed with both Fia and Arshem later]

• Uppergarden:
- Jellyfish: Talk to a student there.

• Shops:
- Inkwell Drama: The two students walking by the bench.

II- Topics you can learn during Thane's night event:

- Choose "Want to share mine" [Unlocks the "Ask Thane" option with Arshem at the Mess Hall]

III- Topics you can learn during the second exploration phase (Missing Cat quest)

• Fountain:
- Dream Eaters: Student going down the stairs.

• Library:
- Not really a discussion topic but if you tell Fia that Quill's looking for the cat aswell, she's going to give you some ingredients to craft cat food.

Has anyone managed to craft the other potions? I'm assuming the ending changes based on the potion we create but it's not letting me craft them.

Hello, I came to report a bug! So, I've read the side quests guide before playing to craft all the necessary items beforehand but when I met Thane in the dorm at night and offered him my blood vial, MC didnt give it to him and the whole conversation was awkward even though I did have the vial in my inventory.

I shall give it a try soon then, thank you. 😄


Is this SFW? 👀

Oh man I remember playing this when I was a teenager. Good times! 🙂

If you don't have the screenshots anymore, I have an idea for you. 

You could create an open Google Doc asking for screenshots from people who've downloaded the game. That way it's a win-win situation: you get some screenshots (and possibly more views and downloads) and they get to do something they enjoy (aka playing your game)

Good luck with all your future projects.

Hello, is the game going to stay free after the full release? 👀

You can use Joiplay for that, it's an Android emulator for RPG Maker games.

Nice concept, I like it!

Gotcha! Thank you. 

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Can someone tell me if this the full game or a demo, please? 👀

Hello, the screen is not showing properly on my laptop. Any workaround?

Well, talk about rude and unecessary...
The characters you see in this game are in fact OCs that are already part of an existing RP group.
It's even written in the game's description.

A silly funfact I wanted to share. I completely forgot that the game's name was Hyacinth. For me it was "The game with Neo" lol

It came back to me a few weeks ago, when I bought hyacinths for my windowsill. Now I can say I basically have a piece of the game with me. 😭🥺

Hello! Is there an Android version on the way? I don't use my computer that much and the game looks neat. 😁

Maybe 🤔

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Isnt Alucain's pronouns they/them? The reason why I'm asking is because they're called with masculine pronouns in the guide.

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Je viens de réaliser que j'avais noté ce jeu sans laisser de commentaire, ce qui est plutôt rare alors je me lance.
Ce jeu me laisse un peu perplexe (et vous saurez un peu plus loin dans mon commentaire pourquoi, je vais commencer par le positif d'abord !)

- J'aime beaucoup la liberté que le jeu nous accorde. Même si ce n'est qu'une démo, j'ai constaté que mes choix avait bel et bien un impact, que ce soit sur le moyen à long terme.
- L'esthétique générale du jeu est belle, c'est très plaisant à regarder.
- Je ne me rappelle plus des options proposées dans le menu de personnalisation de la MC mais il me semble qu'on pouvait faire une MC POC avec des cheveux texturés, ce qui est un bon point aussi.

En ce qui concerne le négatif maintenant :
- L'intrigue est un peu basique. Ayant joué à des VN de survie/gestion similaires (Long Live The Queen, Royal Alchemist, The Queen's Choice...etc) c'est à peu près le même trope qui revient en boucle : un roi/une reine ou un(e) empereur/impératrice qui meurt, laissant derrière iel son/sa seul(e) héritier(e) donc j'attends de voir comment vous tournerez ce trope à votre avantage dans le futur avant de me prononcer.
- J'étais ravi.e à l'idée d'avoir un CDC féminin... Jusqu'à ce que je découvre que la MC fasse tout le temps des réflexions dans sa tête sur la diction et l'accent d'Asha. Je ne vous cache pas qu'en tant que personne d'origine maghrébine, j'ai trouvé ces réflexions inappropriées. Ça banalise totalement la fétichisation des POC et c'est pourquoi ce jeu me laisse perplexe. Ça ne m'intéresse pas d'incarner un personnage qui a des biais d'exotisme, qui trouve que ramener une personne POC à sa diction c'est "sexy".
J'espère que ce constat ne vous froissera pas, je sais qu'on peut facilement faire dans l’inapproprié en étant plein de bonne volonté. Ça reste tout de même mon point de vue et j'espère qu'il vous aidera à aller de l'avant.
Si vous tenez à garder cette partie de l'histoire dans la version finale du jeu, je vous recommande d'ajouter "exotisme" dans la liste des trigger warnings pour que les personnes comme moi sachent à quoi s'attendre !

Bonne continuation.
- Nutellix

I can't wait to play the final version, this game looks really promising and I love the characters!

Still not working after updating my drivers 💔 Oh well, I'll just wait for someone to make a video of it instead. I'm sure it's as great as all your other games

I keep getting this error and I don't know how to fix it, please help me T_T