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Interesting.  I did test it twice with an eye to the Health and such, but nothing regenerated more than, say, passing my turn would merit.  Have you fixed the bug and reuploaded?  Please let me know when/if you do.

I have a newish youtube channel called ROGUELove.  I play and review indie roguelikes.  I have about 200 or so in a folder, waiting to get to, and your title just caught my eye, so I gave it a whirl and found it fun.  A Let's Play will go up in the next few days, probably (I've already recorded it), and probably a short review a little while after.  I'll link it here, if you like.

Further curiosity: is Deathcall your own IP, or is it based on an existing property?  It called to mind the cover of the old Deathstalker movie.  If your own, was it created solely for this game, or have you used it elsewhere, as well?

Deathcall is my own IP, yes. I created it for the jam. Originally it was named "Deathcaller" but I shortened it to Deathcall so that the ASCII art on the main menu would fit within my column limit :). 

I appreciate you taking the time to play and review it. I'm excited to see your Let's Play!