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Deathcall is my own IP, yes. I created it for the jam. Originally it was named "Deathcaller" but I shortened it to Deathcall so that the ASCII art on the main menu would fit within my column limit :). 

I appreciate you taking the time to play and review it. I'm excited to see your Let's Play!

Thanks for playing! What made you decide to check it out?

Restoration restores a percentage of your stats instead of 100%. You made me find a bug however in that Restoration only restores a percentage if you are not in the Barrens yet. Once in the Barrens it is exactly the same as Full Restore, just the name is different. If you get it in the Forest it'll be called Restore; if you use it in the Forest it will do a partial restore. If you then get to the barrens it becomes a full restore. Oops! :). The fix is just to check whether you got it early or not and use that value

Thanks for playing it!

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All times are appoximate.

Note that I work full-time as a software engineer so I could only put in a couple hours after work each day.

Start work 9:20 AM March 3.

Saturday: 8 hours spent adding tile map rendering, player & player movement, input, colors, status line, camera snapping, melee combat, death screen, input repeat, lighting/poor man's visibilty radius, sidebar/status display

Sunday: 7 hours spent adding enemy movement, window resize, portals, stat restoration, logging output

Monday: 4 hours spent adding levels, summoners, death progress

Tuesday: 4 hours spent adding abilities, lightning, abilities sidebar UI

Wednesday: 4 hours spent adding leveling, ability drops, enemies spawned on level by default, phase door, and other tweaks

Thursday: 3.5 hours spent adding "essential" polish e.g. sound FX, font autoscaling, bugfixes, UI improvements/fixes, main menu/info/help/victory

Friday: 1 hour in the morning, 6 hours in the night (worked past midnight) spent creating new abilities and enemies as well as building on Windows (which took up the majority of the 7 hours...)

Saturday: 3.5 hours (woke up at 5 AM for this!) spent balancing the game, creating linux build, packaging final builds, uploading, making posts, and creating banner/screenshots

Total: ~40 hours

Finished and uploaded ~8:20 AM March 10. Success!