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All times are appoximate.

Note that I work full-time as a software engineer so I could only put in a couple hours after work each day.

Start work 9:20 AM March 3.

Saturday: 8 hours spent adding tile map rendering, player & player movement, input, colors, status line, camera snapping, melee combat, death screen, input repeat, lighting/poor man's visibilty radius, sidebar/status display

Sunday: 7 hours spent adding enemy movement, window resize, portals, stat restoration, logging output

Monday: 4 hours spent adding levels, summoners, death progress

Tuesday: 4 hours spent adding abilities, lightning, abilities sidebar UI

Wednesday: 4 hours spent adding leveling, ability drops, enemies spawned on level by default, phase door, and other tweaks

Thursday: 3.5 hours spent adding "essential" polish e.g. sound FX, font autoscaling, bugfixes, UI improvements/fixes, main menu/info/help/victory

Friday: 1 hour in the morning, 6 hours in the night (worked past midnight) spent creating new abilities and enemies as well as building on Windows (which took up the majority of the 7 hours...)

Saturday: 3.5 hours (woke up at 5 AM for this!) spent balancing the game, creating linux build, packaging final builds, uploading, making posts, and creating banner/screenshots

Total: ~40 hours

Finished and uploaded ~8:20 AM March 10. Success!