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Sorry if this has been asked already, but are you still planning on doing special event scenes for chapter two like the christmas/valentines day ones in chapter one? I only bought chapter one a few days ago, but I thought they were amazing.


Right now finishing the main story of Chapter Two is my primary focus, but when the game is out and launched, I would love to be able to make some smaller, goofier special event scenes like I did for Chapter One! Since I have a lot of fun making them, and with the amount of characters Chapter Two introduces, there's a lot of new possibilities.

Thanks, sounds amazing. And sorry again, I realize it is still pretty early on for stuff like that. I already can't wait for chapter 2!

Wait there are secret scenes in Chapter 1? Do I get Christmas snuggles with Tari?

Not necessarily secret--but from the Extras menu you can read some goofy seasonal events that had happened over the years and were originally just Youtube videos I put out. But decided to include them in the v 1.1 update