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Hello,and thanks for the interest and appreciation!
I checked your works but I don't know know if actually you are the right person for the games I want to make.
In IGOR there is a library with books and I wanted to make it so you can reed them so you can obtain information for a puzzle ...but some books are just for reading so... maybe, you can illustrate one of your short comic books there.(but I don't know about the project if its going to happen or not)
I liked the cow vortex thing  and the cat in bed next to the cow  vortex. Maybe you can use the round lines in the cat picture and make the cow vortex like that too.(I mean I like the cow perspective but with the finer lines it  will look  cartoon-cool!) 

Maybe we can keep in touch!


It's fine!  If I'm not what you are looking for, I would not want to impose- however I would love to keep in touch at least!

Thanks for responding!


Yup, you can  find me either from Sketch-fab as Hamsterspit or Penguin Pyramids twitter... I need to make an Twitter account too!