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Wow, thanks for letting me know!  You'll be happy to hear I have another one in the works, too!

It's fine!  If I'm not what you are looking for, I would not want to impose- however I would love to keep in touch at least!

Thanks for responding!

Hello, Hamsterspit,


First off let me say your 3d work looks interesting!  I especially like "Penguin Gentleman."

I develop and draw under the name, N.B. Waifu, and would like to know more about what you have in mind!  

I am a 2D artist with an interest in my fairly distinct cartooning style and I do know a little bit about programming games (if you'd like to see, check out "The Virtual Patch" on my profile).  You can look at a small body of my 2d work here, or you can check out a few comic projects I am working on at!  My favorite and one of my more surreal images from these can be seen right here!

Hope to hear back from you!