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hi Ebi-Hime

very well made melancholy romance , i do understand well most of the feelings.

characters art and background art are amazing and the music too, they all fit together 

i love your writing


Thank you for your kind comment, like always! I'm glad you enjoyed it! >_<

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yesterday  i bought the soundtrack,  since i played this visual novel i wanted to have it so i could listen when i want but did not pay attention to the music link, it was a nice surprise to see it being downloadable and i always felt it was right to pay something for this visual novel  :)

you are also a music composer or i am mistaken ?

i made these both within rpg maker to try making a character close to Reiko


Thank you very much for your kind comment! I'm glad you liked the soundtrack so much!
And no, I'm not a composer. The music for Six Days of Snow was composed by yuzuki!

That is a very cute rendition of Reiko too; thank you!

i am glad you find this version of Reiko cute :)