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Didn't want to overload your wall with a whole slew of text but wasn't sure how to offer feedback otherwise. :-S

First things first: REALLY like the game.  ...which is funny because there are definitely a number of things that still need working on but the way that the game seems to be progressing is just excellent.  I actually loved the transition to the more natural environment but still keeping with the grid-based movement and was personally really pleased with actively *seeing* a trap as opposed to it remaining invisible whether you disarm it or not.  Will say that the game froze for me when I entered the cave with a good few kobolds and, I imagine, the little girl?  But maybe the event for that part hasn't been programmed in yet.

Another thing I really enjoyed and that totally surprised me that I enjoyed it was actually from a fight staying behind and effecting the environment.  I mean, icky, yes, and normally I'm not big on lots and lots of blood but it did really marry the top-down and first-person views beautifully. (Also, the way that you implement that combination and the fact that you even have that combination is super cool) I will say though, as excited as I was at first to see my companion standing beside me after a battle, he did kinda sorta keep getting in the way as we explored the rest of the caves.  Might not have been an issue if his giant axe didn't keep covering my view but, yeah, might be best if companions only appear in combat situations.

Game mechanics-wise, I'm kind of unsure.  There's a lot that I really enjoy and the things that I have some issue with honestly might be down to personal taste BUT: the resting only restoring one hit point, I do kinda sorta get it; I imagine that it's meant to replicate D&D rules like a lot of the other mechanics, where one hour equals one hit point, etc., but it does make things a little difficult if you've almost killed yourself bashing down walls and then have to fight soon after.  Also, personally...I've never really been a fan of the Vancian magic system. :-S Totally a personal taste thing but I like characters having a wide variety of spells that they can cast without having to prepare them ahead of time.  But that is very much a personal taste thing and didn't terribly effect my enjoyment of the game.

Just some cosmetic things: wondering if you'll expand the skintones and other color options for the figures, maaaaaaybe offer a nonbinary option (yes, I know, I know, but it is nice for nonbinary people to have that option and was implemented really well in Wildermyth for example [well...I think so but I'm pretty much cisgender so...yeah, nonbinary people might feel otherwise]), and are you really going to go with the OSR "Elf is a class" approach or are you thinking of expanding the character options so you choose a race and a class?

Either way, really enjoyed playing the game and looking very forward to the finished product!


OH!  And maybe implement a 5-foot step so a person can retreat without provoking attacks of opportunity? :-P There might be one in there but the three buttons on the side were missing tooltips so I wasn't entirely sure.


There are certainly some bugs and rough edges in the demo, but a lot has changed since then. I will say that I have replaced the classes with a more traditional Ancestry/Class system, along with picking background and general feats. It's much closer to a modern tabletop RPG now. I liked the "elf as class" as a concept, but it didn't allow a whole lot of build depth. Thanks for the feedback!

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If you don't mind me asking (or if this isn't too early in the build to even ask), but what ancestries will you include in the game from PF2e? Will it just be the core? Or will you pick and choose whatever ones fit the theming and setting of Archquest?