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Really loved the ending. Didn't think I'd end up crying but here I am, tears in my eyes. Truly can't express how incredible of an experience this was. Kudos!

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Just wanted to say on behalf of PF2e's player base, thank you so much for this project! A lot of people I've spoken to in the community have voiced their interest in a PF2e video game adaptation but lamented that the possibility of one happening was slim, so I really appreciate the fact that you've decided to utilize Pathfinder 2e's ruleset for your project! So on behalf of everyone in the community, thank you! Best of luck in developing this project! I'll be super excited to play it once it's done, and I'd imagine a lot of PF2e's players will be as well!

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If you don't mind me asking (or if this isn't too early in the build to even ask), but what ancestries will you include in the game from PF2e? Will it just be the core? Or will you pick and choose whatever ones fit the theming and setting of Archquest?

Good morning/afternoon/evening/whenever!

First off, I just want to say I absolutely adore this game. Haven't played it all yet, but I can already tell this game is going to have a special place in my heart.

Anyways, I wanted to ask something a bit weird. I'm kind of a grammar nerd and I have a weirdly deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of the English language. I'm not a professional novelist or editor in any capacity, but I would love if I could offer my English skills to you. 

My plan is to go through the entire game and jot down anything I think could use some better language on a digitized document. I'll mostly keep to grammar, but if I find something I think I could improve tonal or diction-wise, I'll add it to the doc as well.

If you're interested in my proposal, then just comment as such and I'll make sure to send the document when it is completed. 

I hope this comment finds you well and that you have a lovely rest of your day.


PS. The song that plays in Eric's room... you wouldn't have that on hand, would you? It's very pleasing to the ears.