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i'm playing  the latest version. 1.3.1. i have a high RAM and more than enough space on my PC and yet it's happening. and no i didn't have many background programs running when i was playing it. one moment it freezes, next time the screen gets stuck and finally sometimes it operates slowly. i don't know what's wrong with it. it does work just fine sometimes, but these still happen.

Then I really don't know. You could try to downgrade to v1.3, in case the issue is that your PC doesn't like the nwjs that was added in v1.3.1, but it's unlikely that that s the problem. I haven't heard anyone else report that. I know my PC started freezing temporarily at random after I installed an extra hard drive, but that's the closest I've been to your problem where freeze/lag hasn't been caused by a memory leak, lack of space or just a too weak device.

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do you think i should re-download it maybe? i could take the save and screenshots files and then once i re-download the game, i put them back in. also, maybe the skipping function affects the game performance?

The safest thing would be to download it and copy your save files and such over to the new folder so you have the old folder as a backup. Any saves from v1.3.1 should work fine in v1.3, and vice-versa, since the only difference is in how the game data is handled while the game runs.

If you by skipping mean holding down to double the cutscene speed, then that should only make the game skip every 2 frames, which should only affect performance in places where a lot of new data is being handled, and then that also depends on how strong your PC is I think. 

okay. thank you very much ^_^ hehe i hope you guys add more sexy outfits later on if possible

I have the exact same problem. I have Bonds 1.3.1 from DLSite and it keeps progressively getting slower and slower in Session mode, until it takes literally seconds to react per click. Only completely quitting and relaunching the game fixes it. This is a quad-core x64 CPU with 16GB RAM mind you, so really, this is not about the hardware. And I don't remember having this problem at all in 1.2...