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So I just bought Chapter 1 and it was amazing. Easily the best NSFW Game I've played. Then you come along Frosty and tell me that the next one is four times as awesome?!?! Get some sleep my man. We can't have you dying from all this work your putting into this masterpiece.  I played the Demo and saw that Ren gets a few H-Scenes. I can only imagine how great that'll be. I get the feeling that she's a bit of a sadist. Poor Matty, but I think he enjoys it. Finally, although you're probably getting tired of people asking this I really want to know. What's the ETA on Chapter 2? 


Thank you so much for the support and I'm super glad to hear you enjoyed Chapter 1 and the Chapter 2 demo!

A lot of things are still up in the air at the moment, but I'm really aiming for an end of the year release if all goes to plan! Most of the art is finished now and a lot of the work just lies within the writing/scripting side of things which I've been really powering through in the last few weeks!

Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate the level of quality here. Most games of this format and setting just get it done in RPG Maker and settle for that but here you're clearly going with a less is more approach and it shows. Rather than having us explore a gigantic world when all we want is cute characters and lewd moments you give us a visual novel. Which I am most definitely not hating. Because you have funneled our route through the story as players it leaves everyone's eyes on the high quality parts and hardly anything feels tacked on or poorly explored. Keep up the good work! I will definitely buy Chapter 2 assuming what you've said about it is true.

So essentially you wanna get people a lewd christmas gift ;)

That's hopefully the plan, haha. Just gotta hope everything comes together in time! Because otherwise I'll be really disappointed in myself for having taken so long to develop the game.

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It's fine. I'm sure everyone will be happy as long as the quality is as high as the last. I apologize for being so rude but I am deathly curious. What kind of stuff is planned for Ren? She's my new favorite. I feel like blackmail and some sadism are in store given her *accident* when interrogating and poor Matty's snog session with the queen. Any confirmation? Or does the master prefer to keep their secrets?

I don't wanna spoil too much, but Ren's stuff is a mix of giggly fun and then perhaps the more mischievous kinds of stuff you might expect from her at Matt's expense, haha.