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Too confusing, sadly :/ I was really settling in because of how polished it feels, the humor and graphics. The parts I got stuck at were: figuring out i had to put the disc in the DVD player ("find something to stop the FBI" made me assume i needed a sword or something.) I couldn't find any bread to make the sandwich, so I stopped there. If the goals were made more clear I would've really enjoyed this game.

Hey Hawk! Thank you so much for the compliments and the criticism. We had hit a wall in our five day game jam, and we weren't able to add quality of life type changes into the build. However, we are just about done with a post-jam update that adds a lot more smoothness to the experience. When we upload it tomorrow, we'd love a follow up on what you think again! 


I played it again, but I don't think you've pushed out an update yet. I learned how to open the cabinets, so i was able to progress this time lol. I love the humor, the 10 Minute Power Hour reference, and the mood. The instructions should be way more clear, or you should be hinted in the right direction. I spent a fair amount of time confused, but overall a nice game. Especially for a jam. I'd like to see a more well fleshed out version :)