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Jobs NEW GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, you can only play it online ): when I used the phosphorus wrapper or whatever, all the sprites became glitched. So, only the online version. Try it out!

they must be glitching because there vector.they have to be bitmap.

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I actually did fix that, but I still cant press play ):

Anyway, there is an online version if you want to try it out :D

Found a new coverter!!! My antivirus says it has a virus but ive had the thing installed for 2 months now... nothing bad has happened...


hey, i know that guy/girl (forgot username and don't know gender) showed you a converter but if you wanna make your job easier add me as an admin and i can add th alredy converted BL i have like 10 days or so and don't know how to use it....

I'm fine. I left instructions on how to play fullscreen, so, idk :/

but it also will be working without scratch