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Found a new coverter!!! My antivirus says it has a virus but ive had the thing installed for 2 months now... nothing bad has happened...

I'm fine. I left instructions on how to play fullscreen, so, idk :/


Anyway, there is an online version if you want to try it out :D

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I actually did fix that, but I still cant press play ): NEW GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, you can only play it online ): when I used the phosphorus wrapper or whatever, all the sprites became glitched. So, only the online version. Try it out!

did you get that?

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Oh and I forgot: Put "when green flag pressed" with "broadcast Reset" connected to it in one of the sprites

Something like this: Replace all the "when green flag pressed" things with "When I receive: Reset." also, put "When I receive: stop" with the "stop other scripts in sprite" thing in all the sprites. Also then replace the "Stop all" with "broadcast Reset" and "broadcast stop" that should work :D

Cool :D I'm making another Five Nights game. Probably releasing the 23rd or 24th. Its gonna be fullscreen, and when you lose, you wont have to reopen the game (it automatically resets)

I figured out how to get the converter to work :D

cool, thanks :D

Wait, I have an idea better than the lever one. What if there were 3 areas? You would spawn in the first area and have to find the exit, then, when you found it, it would start generating a new area (area 2) and the same goes for area 3. Also, what if every area added a new character? Sorry if this is all to complex :/

Oh ok. Anyways, is it possible to have 2 characters chasing you or is that complex?

Oh wait also did you use Griffpatch's 3d generator or did you do it yourself?

I don't know anything plot wise, but my idea is that there would be 4 levers you would have to pull to open the exit. Also, the Cat would start off very easy to avoid, but after each lever he becomes faster. I also thought of a flashlight mechanic, and if you turn it on, the Cat would run away (but the flashlight also has battery) anyways that's all I had, ill let you know if I think of anything :D

I don't remember exactly what it was named, but I just remember seeing it. Also, are you going to do chapter 2? I have a few ideas.

I think it was a year ago. But it wasn't in the 6 scary games vid

Now this game is cool and all, but I still had to rate it. I was gonna give a different rating, but the fact you made something like this with Scratch (a coding program) is amazing. Anyway, good job :D

THIS. IS. THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON SCRATCH. How did you make a 3d game on Scratch? Also the fact that its randomly generated is really cool. Anyways, on your first kitty game, I actually saw about a year ago that MARKIPLIER PLAYED IT. Just wanted to say that. But really this is cool

Ok :D I followed you back also

Nah, ur good

Ok, just to say: I'm stupid xD do you know how to use the converter, or are there instructions and I'm just blind? Thx

Yep. Its a Scratch project :D. If you want to see my scratch account, just type MeIzAwezomeDede in Scratch's search bar. Then you can click my profile and we can follow :D. Anyways, I'll go check out the converter. Thanks for playing!

Oh ok

Ok my point is I really want the full game to come out ): I just want to know what will you do if the Kickstarter doesn't succeed? I just want to know if you will make it anyway... Btw I also donated 15 dollars (its not a lot but I hope it will help)

Mystman12... Uh... Please read this... Uh... I don't know if the Kickstarter will... You know... It seems that there are only 5 days left... and its only 3/4 funded... I don't know if it will work out... I kinda forgot what I was gonna say... I just hope that the full game gets made... Is it possible to extend the time, I'm really worried...

I didn't watch the vid so idk if you covered this but he said that the game would have a lot of levels, new characters, and also the levels would be randomly generated (he said it on the kickstarter) just wanted to be helpful :)

No your ok :D I understand that. Also I think that the first game was just for a jam and then he went on and just showed off a bit of the whole lore (the whole filename2 thing) but whatever

np :D

xD okie the download should be somewhere in this link :D

Sorry, I don't really have YouTube or anything. But I can give a download link for Scratch. Give me a second...


Okie thanks

Actually it's more like advertisement.

Is anyone else tired of The Frustrated Gamer spamming?

Well, ill keep trying

But why would DLC cost 10 dollars? plus he said its going to be a full game. PLUS he said that he's making it form scratch.


It says something about Windows Script Host. It wont let me copy and paste so let me type it: Script: C:\Users\Theaw\Downloads\TRT HTML (2)\trt.js Line: 133 Char: 244515 Error: Expected identifier Code: 800A03F2 Source: Microsoft JScript compilation error

Well, ok thanks :D (sorry I'm only 12 idk these things xD)