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but now it's downloadable so, it might work

i just solved it, seems i can't have 2 browser games open at once


shouldn't the first version be 0.0.1???

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the game keeps crashing so ill just hope it won't crash on video far i'm stuck with scratch since my computer doesn't wanna download anything since the 2nd half of 2018 :(

i can't get to where i'm supposed to go in the dark forest, i'm completely lost, i hope that ill get some feedback before making the video on my gj games, it's not gonna be 10 hours long (XD) just because i can't find anything


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you need to put the device somewhere on the red point, it can be kinda tricky sometimes, i'll try making another patch

A Room community · Created a new topic The Theorizer Board!
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Welcome to the theorizer board, you can theorize to the end of life until all questions are answered in the full game!

well...not necessarily ALL questions

Updates every Sunday

it's like an old G&W game

I'm technically still a kid, since i'm 13 and the legal adult age in my country/state is 18.

Soooooo.....Can i make domething i like?

(IK this i probably a stupid question :P)

so this might me being bad at PM/AM time formats and stuff

but it was 5:XX PM and the Fare was expiering in 7:XX PM, so..... that must be a mistake since there were no more mistakes on the fare

this is liek papers please! :)

also maybe you should make more possible mistakes like adult being misspeled or something

Pixelart Fanart

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No Baldo Baldi is the age of a teacher

Why Fortnite Dances? Why? Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy?

m a y b e  t h e  p l a y e r  i s  a  W h i t e  C y l i n d e r .

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This is still a Demo btw (Obviously)

How long has this  been here lol

Okay this might sound stupid but, 

Why can't i make bundles because i can't make sales?! 

Wait isn't this cloud based?

the controls are complicated

Maybe you should make a game for

it's all in the title of this post really, if i made it rooms that would be simmilar so much they would look like one room, would that count? (i guess not, right?)

you do realize that it's a sb2 file and whoever wants to play this has to download scratch, rite?


when i try to download it it says it's a virus :( maybe you could provide some game play footage using bandicam, or some other screen recorder

but it also will be working without scratch

hey, i know that guy/girl (forgot username and don't know gender) showed you a converter but if you wanna make your job easier add me as an admin and i can add th alredy converted BL i have like 10 days or so and don't know how to use it....

I'm on the same! weird...

weird i downloaded it and it was 100% virus-free....what Windows are you on??

the actual link to download scratch 2.0 is