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I really like the game. The simple assets, the music, the generation of planets. It feels kind of like the actual game even though I haven't played the actual game.

There are clearly some features missing from the game but thats ok. I'm just not really sure what I'm supposed to do in the game and what the things I pick up do or how I use them. 

I'm wondering if its even possible to beat the game and get to the center of the universe?

Thanks a lot! :D

Yeah, the plant resources are kinda pointless in this build (ran out of time).
But the Warp Cells are important if you wanna travel to other systems.

As for the game being beatable, who knows?
(Nah, not really in this build - more of a glorified tech demo in it's current state)

Thanks for playing :D

But how do you get Warp Cells in game?

You can find them dotted about in red containers/cargo drops on the planet surface.
Alternatively, you can purchase them at Space Stations - but your credits will disappear rapidly! :D