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Hey guys, played up to 17 and got a little bored, due to the lack of feedback between my power level and the enemies level. (at 67/73/69/72 currently)

I read you nurfed rings to prevent min maxers but I think your missing the algorithm you should be using for item gen.

Large items are mostly worthless, When I see an item I add up all it's stats and divide by the number of places, currently at lvl 17 most items have 2 value per slot, but 2 slot items are around 15-20 = 6 2 -1 8 or 5 2 1 8 , this gives them a slot value of 8+ each


I think it would be better to generate an item, counts its slot, generate a secret "rarity" of 1-2-3-4-5 then generate a random number between 10%???? +/- of the slot*rarity value, and randomly apply stats to the item (based off the type, for example the gold belts favor attack and magical defence)

I would also offer bonuses for bigger more difficult items because they are harder to slot together in a coherent order in the equipment slots.

Was fun playing, i'll keep going tomorrow see how far it goes, I hope it's not an endless one. I have a need to check every item to make sure i'm not missing stuff!

shield with bird on
6 slot
rolls 4 rarity
6*4=24 * +/- 10%???
6 slot non difficult shape 1.06*^2 (cube it if it's a difficult shape) 24*(1.06^2) = 27{{26.9}}

10-50-35-5 < --random stat distribution


now you can floor them or ceiling or just round them, whatever you thinks best.


Thank you for that very detailed piece of feedback. That's a really good idea and the right direction to sort that issue out.  Yes, definetly item spawning needs to have better math behind it. We are planing to add  item rarity system too so we will need to think how to incorporate that. But your calculation will be a great start to work on this. Thanks again.