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Hey guys, played up to 17 and got a little bored, due to the lack of feedback between my power level and the enemies level. (at 67/73/69/72 currently)

I read you nurfed rings to prevent min maxers but I think your missing the algorithm you should be using for item gen.

Large items are mostly worthless, When I see an item I add up all it's stats and divide by the number of places, currently at lvl 17 most items have 2 value per slot, but 2 slot items are around 15-20 = 6 2 -1 8 or 5 2 1 8 , this gives them a slot value of 8+ each


I think it would be better to generate an item, counts its slot, generate a secret "rarity" of 1-2-3-4-5 then generate a random number between 10%???? +/- of the slot*rarity value, and randomly apply stats to the item (based off the type, for example the gold belts favor attack and magical defence)

I would also offer bonuses for bigger more difficult items because they are harder to slot together in a coherent order in the equipment slots.

Was fun playing, i'll keep going tomorrow see how far it goes, I hope it's not an endless one. I have a need to check every item to make sure i'm not missing stuff!

shield with bird on
6 slot
rolls 4 rarity
6*4=24 * +/- 10%???
6 slot non difficult shape 1.06*^2 (cube it if it's a difficult shape) 24*(1.06^2) = 27{{26.9}}

10-50-35-5 < --random stat distribution


now you can floor them or ceiling or just round them, whatever you thinks best.