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I tend to support indie devs quite a bit (Proleteriat Studios NDA'd game and the devs of a game called LifeBlood) especially if they have a Discord server.  I wouldn't mind providing feedback, but that depends on what kind of game it is.  RPG is something I enjoy quite a bit :)

That said, as professional game devs you should know the basics.

-Proofread the script

-Gauge your use of humour and whether you're going to use UK or US spellings for such words

-Try to keep text in separate files that are read on game launch so that it makes future translating much easier; you never know how many languages you'll get! 

-Random encounters are frequently done wrong/poorly but the mechanic itself is not inherently bad.  Honestly though I'd prefer visible enemies without random encounters and I'm sure a majority of others would feel the same way.  There are plenty of RPG Maker articles on random encounter design but essentially: variety is the spice of combat.  If there is no variety or no NEED for variety (spam attack) then that encounter is a waste of time and shouldn't be there (or should be bypassed with auto-completion & auto-rewards like Earthbound).

Our plans include: visible enemies,  no random encounters, boss battles, optional story segments, support for speedrunners, and over 20 beasts to befriend.