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I did a second play and managed to kill the Eye of the Sentinel after 45 minutes of play and then accidently exited the game with no save Noooooooooooooooooooooh, nonetheless, this is one hell of game. Graphics are awesome and it has one hell of gut wrenching view but the game does suffer from a little lag in a few areas. Amazing though and I will be keeping an eye on this, I think it does have a lot of promise.

Keep up the great work DEVS

wobblyfootgamer @YouTube

Woah! Congrats on destroying your first pillar!

Unfortunate that you accidentally quit, especially on the version with no save... We suggest you download the latest version of the game which includes a save system if you ever plan on playing again!

The start of the game should be a lot faster now that you know some tricks. ;^)