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Woah! Congrats on destroying your first pillar!

Unfortunate that you accidentally quit, especially on the version with no save... We suggest you download the latest version of the game which includes a save system if you ever plan on playing again!

The start of the game should be a lot faster now that you know some tricks. ;^)

Merci beaucoup !

Thanks a lot!
We're very happy and humbled to here how much the game spoke to you! Sorry about the performances, it's an enormous challenge and as this was only a student project, we couldn't manage to tackle it entirely in the time available.

Thank you very much!

I'm glad you had fun exploring this world we built, it means a lot to us!

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Hello, I want to highlight what I believe to be a level design flaw in World_001, at the end of the blue section:

This is the puzzle in which you are given two cubes, one that serves as a support (yellow) and one that is used to open the door (red).

In this puzzle, the exit door happens to be on the yellow ground, which means it is possible to open the door with the red cube, and cross the door with the yellow cube in hand. Without using exploits, this is the only puzzle from which you can take a cube that does not provide a tree to get it back.

The issue this causes comes as follows: if the player gets the yellow cube out of the room, comes back and has the red cube fall back in the "pit" of the room, they reach a point of no return where the game is basically soft locked, not being able to complete this room and open the door anymore.

Even though this soft locked state is not the easiest to get to, I still believe that it's possible (almost happened to me last year when testing), and I also think that it probably shouldn't be possible.

The door could be higher in order not to be reached by the player holding a cube, or the door and cube could be on different gravities, making it impossible to transport the cube through the door.

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On my second playthrough, I decided to go through World_002 (Tetris) and note my thoughts on paper as I played, here's a retranscription of all those notes!

I apologize as this is quite long!

TL;DR: very big and pretty confusing

I - Blue Tower

The first thing we see when entering World_002 is the "floor/ceiling" of this tower, and notably the room surrounded by 4 switches, this gives a big hint towards the way to take.

Puzzle 1: The first room to introduce the "dual trees" (that i will call treert for... reasons) is quite nice, separating the "introduced concept" from the puzzle. The second room feels a bit big / empty. The puzzle did not give me trouble and is pretty nice, even though I wonder if it isn't a bit "complex" as a first puzzle using this mechanic.

Puzzle 2: The room is very big, maybe a bit too much? I did not notice the treert above the entrance on my first playthrough. This isn't a big deal as I eventually noticed it when observing the room, but is still weird with the room being so big? I am not sure why there are 2 cubes of each color instead of just one.

One thing that troubled me is the fact that, after finishing this puzzle, the door behind me closes forever. Due to the way the puzzle is made, I cannot reopen it by simply changing gravity in the corridor. I am not sure if this is really important, but it surprised me.

Puzzle 3: Room a bit big again. Found it to be the easiest of the 3 puzzles. I don't know if it's on purpose, but it made this puzzle feel like some sort of "resting puzzle" after the "big" previous one (with lots of cubes).

End: I found the stairs that go up to the ceiling a tad confusing. Despite the walls being windows, I did not pay attention to the blue switch on the outside from the inside of the room. It did not prevent me, however, to find it immediately on both playthrough, despite it not being "directly" close to the exit door.

I had to move the tetris pieces a bit to connect the trail, but it was fairly easy (two clear movements).

II - Green Tower

Simply following the blue trail leads me to the entrance door. However, I can directly see the portal on the way, which is sorta confusing?

Entering the tower it feels very big, it might take some time to understand that this is the same architecture as the previous tower, especially since we do not enter them from the same angle (here, I am facing a wall). Looking at the "ceiling", nothing seems to be as "welcoming" as in the previous tower: I can't see the entry room with the switch.

I also wonder why there were 4 switches in the previous tower but only one in the following ones.

Puzzle 1: Room a bit big. This might be my favorite puzzle in this world, it's very simple but very fun.

Puzzle 2: These two rooms are very confusing due to the windows. It's hard to read at first glance exactly what is part of the puzzle and what isn't. The second room has a wall made of two overlapping windows for some reasons, which makes it even more confusing. The empty space facing the red "switch" makes it even more visually complex.

I like how you play with doors in this puzzle.

End: On my first playthrough, I went immediately for the portal and did not notice the "following" part of the world.

I think the place where the green cube has to be put is quite far and very hard to see from the exit point. The portal makes it even easier to miss, it might be on purpose?

III - Red Tower

Simply following the green trail leads me to the entrance door.

Now that we know the architecture of a tower, it's easier to lead immediately to the "ceiling" (However, there's again only one switch for the room, and it's again hidden from the other side of the tower).

Puzzle 1: That's a weird room but the structure in the middle is cool. Although the treert is kind of hidden in a corner.

This puzzle was pretty fun.

Puzzle 2: Similar room architecture, less confusing because we've seen it before and there is no structure in the middle.

However, I did not notice the green tree until I realized piling up 8 cubes wouldn't be enough to make a bridge. This might be on purpose? (the green tree is kind of "hidden" behind the red one)

Puzzle felt a bit tedious, but this might be heavily due to the current hazardous collision system, that makes piling up cube a sometimes dangerous experience.

End: The place where to put the red cube felt pretty hard to find, as it was on the opposite side of the side of the tower (not a typo).

Because the trail does not connect (despite the Tetrominos being aligned), I used No Clip to enter the fourth tower.

IV - Yellow Tower

Here I didn't even ask myself the question and went straight to the ceiling (I took screenshot of all previous ceilings to see how "welcoming" they were, but for this one I forgot, so this might mean that I definitely got used to the architecture).

Puzzle 1: Wow the super low ceiling is very surprising / almost uncomfortable; especially compared to the rest of World_002.

During this puzzle (and the following) I tried on multiple occasions to click the ceiling in order to directly inverse my gravity (but it's not possible).

This one felt like it needed more "puzzle" thinking ("step by step"??) than the previous ones so far. Slight gap in difficulty? (might be more obvious with people not used to puzzles?)

Puzzle 2: Felt like the same puzzle.

I understand the differences, but maybe the fact that the previous was so different from all the other ones so far made the slight differences between these two less noticeable?

End: The last part of the Tetris puzzle felt super cool (I don't know how much control you have over those though, seeing how much we rotate in corridors, etc).


Back in the first tower through the other entrance.

There doesn't seem to be anything left to do? Or I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Since changing gravity in the corridors closed the door behind me (and I can't solve the Tetris puzzle by memory), I had to retake the full blue tower's path (resolve puzzle 2) and go to the green tower's portal.

I did not try to do the dark cube in this world yet, but I did fall in the tiny hole in the corner of every tower. :9