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Deleted 210 days ago

What. The. Fuck.


I don't really know why the creator would be offended by this, as it is only a game, unless I'm wrong-


Dude, just play the game. I don't make the game but just play it.


The line between fetishization and anything else is, "did you seek it out, or did you find it on your own." It seems like you didn't seek out this to play into a fetish of yours, so have fun.

Also, its on a public forum with no clear markers, so its very much not an exclusive space.


Okay like most people I feel like this, on it´s intentions to be respectful it actually gets disrespectful by the overexageration of, pretty much everything here. But why downvote and attack this person so much? On their own way they´re just trying to be nice, if you disagree so much at most just state respectfully why you think this is going too far, but there´s no need to be so toxic when the game itself is about empathy in a lot of ways. 

If it´s worth anything, imo something crosses the line of toxic fetishization when you´re seeing the characters and the group they belong to as a walking fetish and not just a kind of PERSON (I really want to stress that, that you see them as people) that you really find interesting/attractive. Someone said it´s fetishization when you look for it, but I don´t think having preferences or tastes on the kinds of people you find attractive it´s necessarily fetishization.