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I don't care enough about this to read that. So I'll just tell you, it's a porn game. You probably should not care about the political significance of a porn game so much that you care enough to write that. Whenever you go jerk off to something again, don't expect it to give you lessons on the cultural significance of equal trans representation and hand you a copy of the communist manifesto as a treat.

we both know this wasn't downvoted for the joke, don't play coy. Everyone knows why the comment was downvoted, if you don't think the real reason is wrong then don't hide it, say it clearly

terminally online people when they see a porn game that doesn't represent all and every single fetish, kink, role, gender, genital and identity on a mathematically perfect equilibrium

for a more serious answer: it's a porn game. It's not a political doccumentary. Of course you will notice only certain things represented, porn games will most often only show the kinks and preferences the creator enjoys.

what's next? you're going to complain to lesbian women if the smut they create doesn't have any heterosexual sex in it?

The mechanic you implemented to reload the shotgun is so amazingly well put, original and fun! Please keep developing or start working on another project, I'd be so sad if this mechanic wasn't used on a larger game!

that's great news! thanks for replying!

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omg the game is going in such a great direction! I'm kinda sad that the whole inventory and chemistry placeholders were dumped, but I guess the devs were biting more than they could chew with that one. The story is going great and I love the extra scenes for each romance (though I only experienced Lena). I hope at some point they add the scenes of the characters telling you you've done everything on this version as part of the gallery or something, I missed them for quite a few updates and they're funny

edit: typo

are you sure it's not on german steam? check your steam settings if you have enabled something that blocks heavy NSFW games from appearing in your store, that might be what's blocking it

it's very clear orange is REALLY passionate on making the game everything they want to make it be, a cruel, sexual and awful experience. They obviously wouldn't

I never checked the replies to this, well that sure is a relief! the hunger and mind worries on the first fear and hunger were already a really big deal for me, specially when having bad rng on food loot and not getting the recipes book. I never played the demo because I wanted to get surprised by the game, sounds like it was a good idea to do so

this is really old and you may not see it but do you have a link to that discord by any chance? or does it even exist still?

This really didn't age well at all. I hope you're doing good, it worries me to see devs passionate about something just disappear out of thin air

man I just read it's going to have a time trial ish gameplay of only 3 days. I don't know how long will that be in game time but damn it's likely I won't play this, I was so hyped but I just can't play a game that doesn't let me go and min max at my pace, even more when is a game this ruthless and RNG based. I hope it finds its niche

I´m happy to know that orange is loyal to the quality of the product they believe in and doesn't let the pressure of delaying get them. We all want to play the finished, complete version, what you wanted to do when you started this game

don't count on it, it seems they HEAVILY underestimated how much time it would take to add everything they wanted to add

Just saw this and it made me realize I did something wrong and got mixed up on the folders for the saves! thanks for replying!

my man got ratio'ed on a porn game comment over chicks with dicks lmao

mate the game is amazing, every futa scene (and there's only a few, like less than 5 and the game has dozens) involves temporary potions (except one character that only appears a bit and for only a chapter) and is only mentioned the moment it'll become a choice, and if you choose to ignore it it's never even mentioned again.

Oh and please if anyone knows of some way to maybe fix it please tell me, I've been following this story since like chapter 4, chapter by chapter, I don't want to stop now just because I'd have to skip over dozens of hours of content to continue

I apparently lost all my saves? Im just playing this chapter but I dont see my saves anymore, which is weird since when I check the files on the locallow folder everything seems to be fine, I made sure to re extract on the desktop just in case and still nothing

this isn´t really the kind of game where devs change the story with whatever fans ask. It´d be an absolute mess otherwise lol

if I remember correctly, the android version doesn´t work from android 11 forwards or something like that, the dev team said that the operative system has compatibility issues and they can´t realistically fix it

really, that´s the only spelling mistake you could find on this comment? lmao

on their page they said that if they make one, it´ll be after the game is finished and released officially. Though still, depending on how things go they might not even port it

based "I don´t like it but I appreciate it´s existence" attitude

It´s nice to know that even porn can make someone feel a bit more represented and accepted. almost everything out there either is a straight, harem power fantasy or has futa/femboys as a "hey, look! chicks with dicks!" thingie, this game feels like a blessing

and damn, who were the ones that could downvote a comment that only said something nice

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My favorite NSFW game, by far. God, not only is the trans representation really cool (something you really don´t see with these games, at most you´ll see crossdressing, hermaphrodites and things like that in a "look at this, chicks with dicks!" kinda way, which is honestly kinda infuriating.) but GOD it´s such a nice sight to see a dev that treats their characters like actual people and not just tagged fetishes. This characters really have a lot of love behind them and they´re done so respectfully and nice and just, God it´s such a nice thing.

Also the artstyle, it´s so aesthetically pleasing and seeing NSFW art on more of a pixel art style is so interesting and cool. This game really could go far if you get to put it on steam eventually imo, it fills a hole in the world of NSFW games that no other game has ever touched, and I KNOW there´s a lot of people and a big market waiting for this

Okay like most people I feel like this, on it´s intentions to be respectful it actually gets disrespectful by the overexageration of, pretty much everything here. But why downvote and attack this person so much? On their own way they´re just trying to be nice, if you disagree so much at most just state respectfully why you think this is going too far, but there´s no need to be so toxic when the game itself is about empathy in a lot of ways. 

If it´s worth anything, imo something crosses the line of toxic fetishization when you´re seeing the characters and the group they belong to as a walking fetish and not just a kind of PERSON (I really want to stress that, that you see them as people) that you really find interesting/attractive. Someone said it´s fetishization when you look for it, but I don´t think having preferences or tastes on the kinds of people you find attractive it´s necessarily fetishization.

I´d expect that like with most games, when it´s finished it´ll just be released as a full game (I hope it gets to steam too, this game deserves to shine and would do really well there). And if it doesn´t well, when it finishes you can just become a patreon, get the last build and cancel the subscription, so it´d be like buying it

Should probably edit that "coming in 2021", seeing you still need more time. No hurries, just mentioning it

seeing the game is supposed to release on 2021 and the year is ending, I assume there wont be any more demos (since the last one was a loooong time ago also), and the next time we see orange upload something will be the original game. Though seeing how it´s december already it may be delayed to 2022

The "bad" isn't really a bad, is a characteristic some people prefer and some don't. The ugly well is arguable but I won't get into it, what you say is fair enough

I don't really remember if there was any way to not have that specific quest but you can always just hold Ctrl, skip it and pretend it didn't happen, is not like those scenes have any importance in the story 

lmao I don´t even know what I did but I won so yey me

maybe not making the threat faster than you and making it appear more often would be a cool thing because you don´t really feel a threat until you randomly die. The art for the menu and the girl sprites look really cute though, and the music and sfx were really nice for a "band in a garage" project vibes, which is really cool.

I hope it gets to be a thing, though I know developing this is not easy. It just feels like a waste of work, such funny interactions being left in the void to never be seen again, but yeah obviously you do you

oh and also, as a quick idea, you could update the part where it says info about the characters (for example, it still shows catherine and eleanor as novices and adventurers). Like, make it to update every time something changes or new information is revealed (like Kyo and other character´s kinks). I don´t think it´d be that hard and it´s a really nice and underused feature imo.

Also was curious if the alchemy, inventory and that were going to even be used or are just there as dumped ideas, no complaints I just want to know

Damn I finished chpt 6 already, it felt so quick.

I have a question, is there any way to like, see all the other messages you put with catherine at the end of the final chapter? they´re funny as fuck, honestly one of my favorite parts, but only could see the ones for chapter 4 and 6 and I so want to see the others

nvm it fixed itself the third time I opened it, don´t know why, well now I have chpt 6 so that´s neat, keep up the amazing work, this game really is something else

it always happens when games and apps installed from somewhere that isn´t your official store (google play or appstore). Your only choice is to be careful with what you download, games like this live on donations and things and they have a decent bussiness going so the devs wouldn´t risk it, but be careful with shady stuff.

sooo I just loaded my save and something went wrong, I appear on the map and when I click to go into the next quest (going out to find silver eye with the other girl) it just stays frozen with catherine in her house and no text, it can´t advance. I´m guessing something must´ve corrupted or I saved in a specific frame while changing areas that glitched it, but I wanted to try luck if there´s any way of saving it. if not well, at least coming to comment this made me notice chapter 6 is out