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My favorite NSFW game, by far. God, not only is the trans representation really cool (something you really don´t see with these games, at most you´ll see crossdressing, hermaphrodites and things like that in a "look at this, chicks with dicks!" kinda way, which is honestly kinda infuriating.) but GOD it´s such a nice sight to see a dev that treats their characters like actual people and not just tagged fetishes. This characters really have a lot of love behind them and they´re done so respectfully and nice and just, God it´s such a nice thing.

Also the artstyle, it´s so aesthetically pleasing and seeing NSFW art on more of a pixel art style is so interesting and cool. This game really could go far if you get to put it on steam eventually imo, it fills a hole in the world of NSFW games that no other game has ever touched, and I KNOW there´s a lot of people and a big market waiting for this