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The twitter is up to date, and so is their patreon, you can click their links yourself

According to patreon, dev was sick and started update as of Aug 29th, and as of 2 days ago was est 60% done with next update.

How long is the current estimated playtime, or what is an estimated word/scene count?

The patreon page is much more up to date, its like 4 versions ahead even for the free version, make sure you check it out there too!

For anyone just finding this game, their patreon public release is often a version ahead of their itch public release if you want to take a few moments to search and get more content.

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One of the easiest 5 stars I've given. The game is not perfect by any measure, but it is fantastic with each girl having linear (unfailable) progression and plenty of scenes. The hardest part of the game is choosing what to do next.

I mean, its previous page update was less than a month ago. I get the last major version update was 5 months ago, but it seems the dev does a major version update every 4-6 months. V0.12 was 4 months after V0.11 and V0.10 was ~4 months after 0.09A Etc.

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This game dev seems reliable, windows warns that many games on itch may contain malware because they aren't made by well known devs and are executable files. Did you get a virus or just a warning?

edit: ran game, completed game, scanned computer, no virus.

You have to focus on only one or two characters per run, and not all characters have a scene. Its been a while but I believe the girlfriend and route and route for the girl with the dark blue skirt both have scenes.

Its currently not implemented, so the game is infinite.

Okay, so the honey maker is just a different name for the wasps, but what is the difference between head-hunter and assassin?

What levels can the Honey Makers and the Ass-ass-ins be found in? I checked level 16 which claims to be the level where ass-ass-ins can be found, and I only found what I thought was a headhunter. Maybe I'm just confused as to what the difference between assassins/headhunters is.

Dev back, game updated!

Its a bit of a mystery, it seems like the dev was never all that active, taking months between social media updates. 

The dev said they were working on a major update to the game itself and that it would take a very long time. But that was around 6months ago. But before that it was 6months before their last major post, and ~4months before the major post before that. There are some that hold hope, other's that are pretty sure he got his kickstarter money 6months ago and ran.

The line between fetishization and anything else is, "did you seek it out, or did you find it on your own." It seems like you didn't seek out this to play into a fetish of yours, so have fun.

Also, its on a public forum with no clear markers, so its very much not an exclusive space.

Mega very likely uses file compression. The game on mega says 3.91 gigs, so the game itself is completely uncompressed when you download it from Itch I'd guess.

Its just nothing. The game is done by searching 4 of the 8 things (cabinets under sink, sink, fridge, bathroom mirror, shower, desk, wardrobe, and bed) that look searchable. 

Then clicking on the one person and hitting yes. Then going to the shower and watching the scene. The whole game can be finished in less than 12 clicks on the screen. 

The art isn't bad, but the game has no time to be good or bad, no challenge, no thinking required by the player. But it does have art, so it's not bad, it has what it promised, but it has only that and nothing more. 

There is nothing wrong with this, but it does mean that the game is neither good nor bad, because there is nothing that can be bad, and only a little that can be and is good.

update just hit

on dec 12th they posted on their sub-star that they were working on a new scene, but they had been silent for months before that.

This game is absolutely beyond worth playing. This is one of the few games I have ever seen of this quality and caliber. The only thing this game needs is more content because I can't get enough.

AFAIK you're not dying, you were knocked unconscious and you hear a voice from your past. Its meant to give you a cliff hanger so you're more interested as the dev updates.

My best suggestion is after a time limit, some sort of penalty but autosuccess. But just making it more clear that the seal activated successfully would be really helpful.

I don't want to discourage anyone from playing this game, it looks like it has serious promise and is worth playing! The hints for the beginning puzzles really aren't fantastic because at first it can be hard to understand how/if the seals worked.  I failed on the second set even with the hints just because they felt so unnecessary and complicated.  The game had such a promising premise and artwork, but it sadly starts with a very boring puzzle that needs better design or to be removed.

Can anyone give me  a walkthrough or any numbers on how this is supposed to work? I am well into the say 20s and she has almost no dialog options and I can't give her gifts. She sleeps at my house every night and I give her head pats every day, often multiple times a day. Is progression just this slow?