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I LOVE THEM.  The new sprite outfits are lovely!

I'm so excited for this game, you don't even know.  I mean, I'm excited for all of your games (liked DaDBS a lot, loved TRoS, following BFF and HG closely) but I have SUCH a soft spot for traditional fantasy.  And being able to be gay/bi.  And childhood friend/grew up together romances.  And disapproving parents.  And Inter-class relationships.  And political intrigue.  And smart/strong MCs.  And roleplaying opportunities.  And the previous tRoS characters.  And Bastien.

Ok, I have a lot of soft spots, but this game looks like it'll be hitting all of them nicely.  So I'm really excited.  Best of luck to you and the rest of the team :) 

Ah, I'm glad you like the designs and I'm happy to hear the game is ticking so many boxes for you. ^_^

Even though I'm not supposed to be thinking about TTOW right now (I'm battling through my writer's block on HG), I keep coming up with little scenes/endings and thinking 'Oh, I've got to let that be an option - people will love it!' 

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omg, this is just making me more excited.  But poor Heaven's Grave xD

Will it have a demo like your other games???

And I know I'm late to the party, but what are the 9 traits in the original?  I know you're probably saving what the new 9 are for the release for people to discover, but since TRoS has been out a bit can I get a hint as to what I'm missing?  I think I've gotten 5/9

I think I've gotten the following descriptions
- commanding
- cunning (clever?)
- scholar
- strong (?)
- hellion

What am I missing?  Every time I start a new game I tell myself I'll pick different options, but I tend to always end up with some combo of the above xD

Yes, it will definitely have a demo.  I have been stung too many times buying games I couldn't try first and then realising soon afterwards they weren't my cup of tea.

The nine original traits are (in order of availability) scholar, hellion, slovenly (this trait actually leads to my favourite scene of the game ^_^), cunning, witty, diplomatic, and finally commanding, strong, lecherous. 

Oh my gosh.  I'm going to try and get slovenly now!
And awesome!!! I'm not worried about not liking the game, I just want to play whatever I can as soon as possible LOL.
You've totally made my day, thank you!!!