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First of all, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to sink my teeth into your game, I very much appreciated it!

I've played a fair few text-based adventure style games in my time, but this one really stands out because of the amazingly subtle use of background noise and sporadic images that help the imagination picture what's going on around you.

The story is compelling, and I found myself feeling genuinely claustrophobic and trapped at times, purely because of the atmosphere of it all. And as the story goes on and we trek deeper into the darkness, mysteries begin to unfurl and threads begin to unravel, which all leads to a very riveting end!

I will go through this game again and try some different options, but I'll let my current playthrough stay as is to tempt other people to dive in for themselves and try different things. I'm going to go have a peek at the prequel sometime too, I need to digest more of the story!

Keep up the amazing work, this was a real treat to play! =)

Thanks to Nick for checking out the first part of my playthrough and inviting me to post the other parts! For your eyes only, here's part 2!

An extremely entertaining watch! Cheers MikeyBlighe! 

One more part for your palates, and my time here is done. For now.

Exciting to watch our own game because of the way you rolled them out. A great watch! Cheers again MikeyBlighe!