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Hey there!

I wanna say that I love the fact that this game has separate keyboard and joystick modes, and that commands (like movement) aren't being forced on my controller, just because there's a controller option.

The keyboard defaults are horrible, but then again, this is the kind of game I would only play with a controller, so that horribleness doesn't actually matter.

This game is super-cruel. The beetle moves very fast, and there's not a lot of terrain to run on to catch your breath. A lot of times I'm failing, not because the beetle fell into water or a pit, but because of a bump in the path, which seems like kind of an undignified way to fail.

Overall, I like what's going on here. I wish some easier levels were tucked into this package, and I like the idea of paying for a longer (and possibly slower) version of this.

Thanks for the feedback
My last game got criticism for using the arrow keys so yeah..
Also shot in the dark here about the terrain comment: You can run over 1-block gaps without jumping by holding forward, a lot of people have been missing that. Bad game design on my part for not making it obvious, but it's the intended way to make it through those sections.

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I was aware that holding Up would allow the beetle to get across small gaps. That feature was helpful! My ending score was 504. Someone else here said "~18min and 300 deaths later" so I think I'm not as young as I used to be. I should have paused more often to take a deep breath.

Also, I like the fact that I didn't need to navigate the menus with a mouse, and that WASD took care of that. I'm always relieved when that's true - it makes setting up a controller a very quick process.

At the end of each level, there's a checkered banner (which is okay) but then there's also no scenery - it's basically just sky. I guess I can imagine some reasons why that would be. Maybe each level is like a really long stick that the beetle is trying to escape from.

I played this game again. I was able to beat it in about 8 minutes, with 124 retries.
So, I have gotten better at it, and I feel good about that. For a game about one beetle, it's a mighty brutal 8 minutes!

Awesome, thanks for giving it another try!