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Thanks! The shader code for animations is inside shader.glsl in the shaders folder (It's also in shadow.glsl, which is the shader used for every thing so its a bit messy). It's been a while since I looked at the code but if you managed to get an iqm model loaded and know how to start an animation it should work if you just pass all the variables you see that are needed in the shader. Go to libs > g3d > model.lua to see how I do it.

Fun game, the level design provided some interesting small box puzzles

Awesome, thanks for giving it another try!

Really charming!
Loved the humor and faithful retro aesthetic.

Thanks for the feedback
My last game got criticism for using the arrow keys so yeah..
Also shot in the dark here about the terrain comment: You can run over 1-block gaps without jumping by holding forward, a lot of people have been missing that. Bad game design on my part for not making it obvious, but it's the intended way to make it through those sections.

El juego te dice dos veces que puedes correr sobre espacios cortos cuando mantienes presionado el botón de arriba :P. Bueno, gracias por intentarlo.

Thanks for checking it out!
My last game used the arrow keys and that resulted in some confusion so I tried to avoid that this time around, it's a hard thing for me to find a good balance haha.
I think adding some forgiveness for jumping would improve the final level too, so maybe I'll do some testing with that sometime.

Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry for not seeing this sooner. If you're still interested I'd be happy to let you do that. There is the issue of the patches I put out occasionally, but those are rare so it shouldn't be a big deal. Apologies again.

Don't want to make it more noticeable for Nintendo, plus it's a mod so I feel like it's better if it stays on the forum along with all the other mari0 content. It's one less page for me to have to update anyway.

Good idea

Sure, that'd be cool.

I'll try to fix that in a bit. The game autosaves so you can give it another try if you didn't get to finish it.

Thanks! Your video had me dying haha

Thanks! I enjoyed your video. Shame you got stuck, I've heard that that's the hardest room. I plan on making a solutions video eventually.

Thanks, great video! I've had other people comment on the difficultly so that's understandable, I had trouble properly balancing the rooms.

Great video, I enjoyed seeing some of the different solutions you came up with.

Sure, sounds good.

Let me know when you have it up

Thanks! Great vid

Thank you!

Not sure what you mean, but a quick restart should fix it

Thanks for the feed back!

The character's sprite direction corresponds to where the controls move him, which is why I only made 4 directions for the sprite. I can understand there still being some confusion about it though, so I'll consider adding something to make it more clear.