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The visuals and wacky animations instantly drew me in to this one. I assume they're physics animations? Regardless, all the character stuff was super goofy and awesome. As for the gameplay, I found it to get too challenging too quickly. It ramps up to avoiding large, moving pillows with only tiny gaps to move in a limited amount of time. The sluggish, imprecise movement (intentional, obviously) made me not want to replay a level too many times. The movement looks great and it's quite funny too, it just doesn't feel great. Anyways, I think this project has a lot of promise as you tune up the gameplay. I made a goofy little video of my time spent with it. Best of luck with development!


Hi Entropy Phi

I really fond of your gentle and cute voice. Adding montage into the video is also a creative way of emphasizing humors and ideas.

Although it's succinct, I did learn quite a few things from your video and narration. Thanks for the patient and explicit description about your play experience.  : )

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. Best of luck with the rest of development!