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Your game won't play. Tried every version of the game. None of the downloads work. Black screen. BLACK f****ing screen. WTF! I hate this game. This game is sh*t. The Mannequin works just fine. This peice  sucks. Forget your game. I will no longer obsess or stress about it.  Oh and try to fall asleep won't play either. Was looking forward to playing but not anymore.  I am using a Nvidia Geforce8400gs. Is this not the right fuc*ing video card? I am angry right now that is why I have no control! searching all over the fu**ing internet for the answer. Nothing! Good bye. 

Sorry for the black screen. It must be your PC specifications

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the graphics card your using is very old. Im assuming that if your graphics card is old your computer might be older too. it might not support modern graphical operations that is implimented into the engine that this game uses (Unity engine). It could also be your hardrive not loading assets fast enough / not at all. In english, your hardware is old and might not support or be fast enough  to run games made in this game engine. A suggestion i would make is to make sure your drivers are up to date and close down other stuff that might take up RAM / video ram before running the game. It could also be that the game downloads in a .rar archive format and it may not be supported on ur computer / it might have gotten corrupt during instalation. i hope this helps :) also im running on windows 10 on a Lenovo ideapad Y700 with nvidia 960m as my GPU and  intel Core i7 as CPU. It runs fine for me.