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Thank you so much! Don't worry! there will be much more in the full release!

Thank you so much! Stay tuned!

Hey! Thank you so much for playing it! And for the feedback! The pause menu is already solved and now has a lot more options in it! Thanks for noticing that! 

Just watched it! Thank you so much! We are happy you liked the game!  New updates soon!

Hhaha We are working really hard! It will be out in 2019 (or at least we'll try! ) Thanks for playing!

Hey Hugo! Thanks for playing our demo! The padlock cannot be unlocked in the demo (unless you figure out the code ;) haha )

Thank you !

5/5 wow! Thank you so much! Trust us you will see a lot more! ;) Thanks!

Wow! Do not worry! We have a lot more scares coming! ;) Thank you so much for your feedback!

Thank you so much! It's such an honor to scare you! 

Haha, believe us that there is someone really awful waiting for you to come! Thanks!

Thank you so much for giving it a try! We have much more coming in the full release! 

Do not worry about the text, it is already fixed but thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much Chris! we have much more coming! Stay tuned! And thanks again!

We feel super honored ! Thank you so much for taking your time, you are super awesome! Your support means a lot!

Muchas gracias! estamos en ello! trabajando como locos para hacer que el juego sea realmente bueno! Muchas gracias nuevamente!

Thank you ! We don't have an official date, but we hope to launch it before the end of q1 of 2019.  The price will be around 20usd. Thank you so much!

Sorry for the black screen. It must be your PC specifications

Sorry for this!. It must be your PC. At least 4gb of vram and 8gb ram is needed.  Did you download the 32 bits version? 

Thank you so much! Trust us the demo is just the begining of the nightmare!

Yeah! Thankyou so much! We are glad to know you enjoyed our demo!

Thankyou so much! stay tuned we have exciting news in the upcoming months!

hahaha thankyou! get ready for more soon!

Thank you so much for your support!  The game will be launched in 2019! We still have tons of work to do but we are working really hard to make it as good as possible!

Thank you so much! Glad to know that you enjoyec the demo that much!. Don't worry, the graphics settings will be customizable!

Hey! How are you? Thank you for getting in touch with us!

The game is shaping up really well ! We are working hard to make it as good as possible.  

Thanks to all the gameplay videos and comments, we fixed a lot of stuff, and we can tell you that the experience is much more enjoyable now(and scarier of course haha). 

We don't have a release date yet, but it will come out in 2019. The price will be around 15-20 usd. Thank you so much ! 

Remember you can follow us on Facebook / Twitter / Youtube , and of course if you would like to you can support us on Patreon!


thank you so much for giving it a try. We are really happy knowing that you guys like it. We are working really hard in order to create the most horrific game possible. Thanks again!

We are really happy that you enjoyed our demo! Believe us we have a lot more coming! 

Thank you so much, we promise you'll have more than another 15 minutes !

haha dont worry!Youll get to play a  lot more soon! ;)

Thankyou so much!

As we told you on youtube, Million thanks for helping us to spread the word! Dont worry you will see more soon! ;)

Great! Thankyou so much for trying it out!

Yeah! tell your girlfriend that the lock will be waiting for her a few months more! Thank you for playing!

Thankyouuuuuuuu! We have more content on our way!

hahah you are awesome! thankyou so much for playing our game!

Thankyou so much! Get ready for more!

Hey thankyou so much! 

The demo doesnt support setting up controllers. Thats why. We will try to fix that on the next update. Sorry for that.

thankyou so much! Wow we are happy to know that you enjoyed it as much as we did making it! It means a lot to us to have players support! Stay tuned for more in the future! 

hahah thankyou so much! We wanted to let the players feel what MADiSON has to offer! Thanks to you for playing it and sharing your video, it really helps us to reach more people!

Thankyou so much!