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i opened 3 of them and they all attacked my cursor at the same time, i love it

hey, so i told u that you'd be the first to know when there was any changes to the game, so heres how the gameplay would sortof work (btw new game button works now)!

also development might be slow, im not using a game engine, just strait coding it so it might take a little longer than other games

Hi :) thanks for trying out the game! this is still in VERY early development (started like a month ago) so there isnt really any gameplay yet :\ ...  If your talking about the loading screen after the main menu it isnt really loading anything, sorry

Youll be the first to know when there is something to play though!

This game is FUKN AWSOME, also weirdly releatable, loved it!!!!!!!!!!

one thing though is when i got close to a clock in the searching part, my FPS dropped to like 10, idk why

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ok so this was the wrong thread sorry about that

ok nvm but still wtf

im not shure what it is but something about this makes me think that running it will fucking fry my computer

this is my favorite game now thank you for making this its amazing

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the graphics card your using is very old. Im assuming that if your graphics card is old your computer might be older too. it might not support modern graphical operations that is implimented into the engine that this game uses (Unity engine). It could also be your hardrive not loading assets fast enough / not at all. In english, your hardware is old and might not support or be fast enough  to run games made in this game engine. A suggestion i would make is to make sure your drivers are up to date and close down other stuff that might take up RAM / video ram before running the game. It could also be that the game downloads in a .rar archive format and it may not be supported on ur computer / it might have gotten corrupt during instalation. i hope this helps :) also im running on windows 10 on a Lenovo ideapad Y700 with nvidia 960m as my GPU and  intel Core i7 as CPU. It runs fine for me.

thanks for replying :) i havent tryed the medium setting yet, ill try that and see if it makes a difference, if there is a way to override the auto adjusting thing, that would completley fix this. Like if there was an option to enforce the graphics setting to run no matter the fps. Thanks again for replying so soon! :)

I have had this game for a while and i really like it! The rebooted version is even better than the original, but one thing that kind of ruins it is a certain graphics mechanic. I usually run this game on real life mode, it runs at a pretty stable 30fps and looks amazing, but evry time i do this, about 20 seconds in to the game the graphics will set themselves to the lowest possible quality. the only way to set it back is to close the game then re open it. I would really love to run this game at the best graphics, but it wont let me. Please fix this i really want to play this game with good graphics

btw the gun in the intro scene isn't all the way cut out

great! still, amazing job with the game :)

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AMAZING!!! love the new update! its REALLY buggy tho, lots of no-clipping  (being able to walk through walls and stuff) also some menue buttions dont do anything. Still its a great game :)

PLSSS add a mac version! all my friends use mac!! i am the only one who uses windows  😢