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Excellent work! I love the idea and the gameplay. I think you got potential on this game, with more levels, and different units it will be great. Congrats!


Thanks! :)

I've been day-reaming about making some games since my dad showed me how to do Basic on C64 in his classroom.

I wouldn't say this entry was complete throw-away, but I decided to mimic existing game and my main goal was to get entry in or I promised my mate I'll forever shut up about maybe doing games.

Now that I've gotten some very positive feedback, I have to admit, it's tempting to keep working on this game and add more to it.

I think the main decider will be once I get time to fully implement my orc AI idea, if that works and makes it a challenging game, I might be persuaded to maybe widen the scope a little.

Cheers again for your feedback.

Yes, with and improved AI it is going to be very fun.  Continue with game development! :D