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Awesome, but the game doesn't run on MiSTer's VIC-20 core (sound, but no picture), so I made a longplay with savestates on BMVIC20 (Randy Rossi's BMC64 project) instead.

hmm.. somebody had problems on Mister. 

Mister worked NTSC but VIC core tried act like PAL... or something like that

..and an amazing video again!


I can now confirm that the game runs fine on MiSTer too. I only had the settings for the screen center set to "both" (horizontally and vertically centered image). I never had issues with this setting before. Resetting to "none" fixed it.

Anyway, it would definitely not have been an one-life longplay on MiSTer, since of course you cannot create savestates with it ;-)


С&О uses screen position/size tricks. Maybe it causes these problems.