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Thanks! :D

Thanks mate!

Maybe someday when/if I have a bigger VIC-20 game project finished. Now I develop Pentagorat II for C64

VIC-20 needs more love

..but you rescued only one princess? :D


I made "infinite lives" feature because some people think my games are too hard. It could work with 3-4 lives. Who knows.. 

I wanted create something less challenging for kids and their slow retro parents. :D


I'll try to continue and create more annoying ragequit products :D

It's not an impossible task. I know people who beat it. :D

Great video again. Thumbs up!


I would love to see video or pictures :D


All versions use same gameplay source code, but VIC-20 resolution works better than others

Easier version has more energy. It's an only difference between versions.

TI99/4a is very rare in Finland and I don't have any experience about it. But it would be nice to test things with it

thank you. 

It's nice to hear you enjoy :D

Cool video again!



С&О uses screen position/size tricks. Maybe it causes these problems. 

..and an amazing video again!

hmm.. somebody had problems on Mister. 

Mister worked NTSC but VIC core tried act like PAL... or something like that


I tested new ideas with PET Cheese and Chive. Maybe I'll make a decent sequel for VIC-20.. someday.. :D 

..and great video!


I don't have a real machine but Tynemouth Software tested it on real MiniPET before release.

Did you use 80 column mode?

Thanks! Nice video!


Must check that SNES controller example

who knows :D


I'm pretty sure I'll release something digital before x-mas

Hi, If you buy a tape you get a digital download version too. But I'll release a digital download version later.



I added D64 file for C16. I'm pretty sure it works on the SD2IEC


Economic thrust fuel usage is the key :D

Oric, Amstrad CPC and MSX versions added! Enjoy!

Thanks! :D

Hi!  ..and thanks
Sorry, I don't have a turbo loader version of Rodmän (that official version) just right now. Daniel Kahlin made it and he's busy.


I use CC65 (for VIC-20, Atari, C64 etc.), z88dk (for zx-spectrum, Amstrad, MSX, etc.) C-compilers and emulators. Very decent and easy way to develop new software for old 8-bit machines.


Well.. I wanted to create something like a bitmap mode game for VIC-20 (VIC does not have a real bitmap mode) and I'm a fan of Cauldron II game.
Just tested my drawing routines and added few software sprites. No design plans. :D


Feel free to use my free retro games. You can find and download them from my homepage :


Main functionalities of my games are written in C (CC65 compiler), but fast routines are written in asm.
I use these tutorials:

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I tested it with VICE 3.1 (mac) and it worked ok. 

Here few tips:

Configure extra mem  (32k or more): Settings -> Resource Inspector.. -> Machine -> RAM -> check all blocks 0-5 -> restart if needed -> VIC-20 Screen shows "28159 bytes free"

Attach D64 disk image : File -> Attach Disk Image -> Unit #8 -> (and select .D64 file)

Load the game : type = LOAD "*",8,1 and type = RUN

Br, Mika