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VIPER's Retrogame videos

A member registered Jul 18, 2021

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Magnificent game! I hope you enjoy my uncut playthrough video of the Next version with minimal struggles towards the end. ;)

So far, I have only seen this ending "King". I assume that if you play as The Amazon, there is an ending "Queen". How many and which other endings are there?

I can't find the words, just that I simply love it. Here is my longplay. I'm looking forward to the sequel with slightly better controls.

Fantastic! I will definitely create a longplay of the final version.

Great action puzzle game that I really enjoyed! Here's a longplay in normal mode.

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Witchsoft's sorcery. Wow! Obligatory, here's my playthrough video.

I already liked Creepers a lot, but this one is even cooler.

Thank you! That wasn't the first time a developer fixed bugs after watching one of my longplays ;)

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I had a lot of fun with this game! So many funny moments. Here is a full playthrough without losing any lives.

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I like it, so I created a video of the entire game.

Difficulty levels are always welcome, although I'm fine with this one. Additional in-game music would be great, but 48k of memory will probably not be enough for that anymore.

Great game! Here's my half-hour gameplay.

It's not that easy to save two or even more. Just like in real life: one princess for life is enough for me. :D

Very cool! Since MiSTer's PET core doesn't support 80 columns, I made a gameplay with my BMPET (VICE emulator for the Raspberry Pi).

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I don't think it looks too easy, but possibly too easy for the player. It is not at all. This and many other longplays with savestate (like mine) or tool assistance (no one more plays here, but a program) on YouTube look like a children's birthday, even the toughest C64 games.

As soon as you play it without aids, the world looks very different ;)

P.S.: Now that I know the game well, I can usually play through the first levels at medium level of difficulty without any problems. Only the last level is definitely not that I just start and beat. This is really a  challenge.

Thanks for the hints, but I don't think it's really my thing. Some games suit me better, others less. That's how it is sometimes.

The game is perfect as it is. Looking forward to your upcoming games.

Great game! Here is my uncut longplay that I created this morning.

I know that, but it's still not easy to even get to level 10 in normal mode. Anyway, nice job LC!

Nice game, but it's really hard to get a bonus life. 28320 points was my best performance so far.

Unfortunately, saving directly to easyflash is not yet supported on MiSTer's C64 core.

Incredibly great work!! Of course, creating a longplay for my channel was a must.

Ok, thanks. That's what I thought.

Great game! Just a little question: is there a difference between the Zzap! 64 version "Zuma" and Balls like a Frog?

Cool game and nice to be able to customize the game with the new options. 4 bullets at a time was definitely too easy for me, so I used the assumed default settings for my video (like not pressing O after loading the game).

Really nice! I made an uncut video of the full game today.

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Beautiful! One of the highlights of the year and after some work today, here is my longplay.

As promised, here is my longplay. Great work, Robert!

Takes me back to the golden era of the C64. Here is my longplay of it.

So awesome!

Pretty cool!

Brilliant! I really enjoyed it and here is my playthrough.

After Santa's Workout 1 and Jungle Joe, here's another walkthrough video of mine (maxed out this time). I enjoyed it very much, thanks!

Einfach super! Hier ein Video von den ersten 9 Levels, gespielt auf meinem MiSTer FPGA.

Harder than most of your C64 games. Well done!

Cool game!

Really nice game!

Thanks for the great game! After some work, here is my video with all 70 levels.

Brilliant game! I bought it immediately and made a longplay video (with savestate assistance) today.

Just great! It's not easy to win the race for position, but that's the way it should be. Here is a gameplay from both game modes.

Cool game. In your honor, another longplay video from me.