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VIPER's Retrogame videos

A member registered Jul 18, 2021

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No, not just you. When I said that I can't count the number on one hand, I meant that there are already more than 5 developers who have fixed bugs after watching the longplay of their respective games, or at least made minor changes to their games.

Congratulations on the release. Here is my special long play. It was an honor, and I'm already looking forward to what's coming next.

Sure, but keep in mind that my longplays are created with savestate support. My true skills are not as impressive as they appear in the video, but I can dissect any game in Vice Snapshots to find bugs. I can't even count on one hand the number of developers who have fixed bugs in their games after the release of my longplays.

Breathtaking game; and the jump in the longplay at 19:30 was nuts. Enjoy!

Update: It is not on level 26. If anyone wants to know the solution, it is in the comments on my video.

I guess the access to the secret level can be found in level 26 (that was too easy). However, I didn't feel like re-recording the video from there, so here's my longplay without the secret level.

Certainly, but I'm satisfied with the over 47000 points for the video ;)

As promised on FB, here is my longplay. I absolutely loved playing through this game. A journey back to my childhood when I played HH, only even better!

Very nice platformer with cats. Here's the complete game as a longplay.

At the end of March? I made a gameplay video from the new Zzap! 64 covermount. Is it still version 0.52 or already 0.70?

Very nice, I like puzzle games. Here's some gameplay of the first 7 levels.

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Wow! Great arcade action with an unique style. Enjoy the longplay!

Excellent game, and here's my longplay.

Absolutely fantastic! Here's my longplay with music instead of sfx.

I don't know if this is the best ending, but here's a longplay from me. Fantastic game, and the platformer has deeply impressed me.

Great update! Longplay of R4.2:

Nice port, here's a quick gameplay.

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Cool idea to integrate a sneak meter into the game. After SW 1 and 2, here's my longplay of SW 3.

Brilliant port of the arcade game. Well done!

Great conversion! Creating a longplay was a must today.

Pretty cool, even with digi speech! Here's a longplay of the story mode.

Just great, but I didn't have time to unlock the bonus level, so here is my longplay of the 12 standard levels.

Absolutely fantastic! Here's a longplay I created this morning.

Mind-bending, but always doable. I've been working on the walkthrough for the past few days and really enjoyed it!

I know the C64 version, but the PET version is also very nice!  Here's a quick gameplay.

Thank you! By the way, I had the same issue with my MiSTer as hayesmaker64 (post above). Same with BMC64 that I used for the longplay. However, in my case, I hadn't set True Drive Emulation off and Virtual Devices on. Instead, I had Action Replay + True Drive Emulation enabled (that's my standard configuration for maximum compatibility).

It would be highly recommended to address this issue in Version 1.1, as it's quite likely to have the same issue on actual hardware. FYI, I used the version by Excess on csdb for this video, and it worked flawlessly. But, after you mentioned "not spoiling the very end", I assume there's some sort of ending after the congratulations screen(?). However, in this version, it wouldn't load after I pressed the fire button on it. Nonetheless, I thought that this screen might have been the end of the game, otherwise, I might have spoiled the "very end" in the video. 😉

As with many new C64 releases, here's a longplay from me (created using savestates). Gameboy on the C64 is pretty cool!

You're welcome!

Pretty cool! Here's my run in 7 minutes and 25 seconds.

Magnificent game that I finally uploaded on my channel as a walkthrough with a 92% lethality rate. Enjoy!

As promised, here is my longplay (incl. backtracking to the secret room).

Magnificent game! I hope you enjoy my uncut playthrough video of the Next version with minimal struggles towards the end. ;)

So far, I have only seen this ending "King". I assume that if you play as The Amazon, there is an ending "Queen". How many and which other endings are there?

I can't find the words, just that I simply love it. Here is my longplay. I'm looking forward to the sequel with slightly better controls.

Fantastic! I will definitely create a longplay of the final version.

Great action puzzle game that I really enjoyed! Here's a longplay in normal mode.

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Witchsoft's sorcery. Wow! Obligatory, here's my playthrough video.

I already liked Creepers a lot, but this one is even cooler.

Thank you! That wasn't the first time a developer fixed bugs after watching one of my longplays ;)

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I had a lot of fun with this game! So many funny moments. Here is a full playthrough without losing any lives.