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Ah, yes the pocketing operation includes the radius of the cutter for the purpose of cutting out the pocket contours at the specified contouring Z plane - so the user doesn't need to include it in the offset. In other words, an offset of zero will cut out a pocket that matches the canvas as contoured at the Contour Z plane.

Also, if you weren't already aware, you can enter math expressions into parameter text-edit boxes, such as:


...and PixelCNC will evaluate the expression and output the result :)

 - Charlie

I put tan(20/2)*0.35 in the pocket offset it evaluates to .2269 . should be .067 Not evaluating the tan part part correctly

(1 edit)

Woops! It's taking the input as radians rather than degrees. You can add in *pi/180 to convert degrees to radians, which kinda defeats the purpose of the functionality making things easier. I'll fix that up for the next release which should be out in the next week or two :)

 - Charlie