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Hi, Thank you for the list I was stuck there too and it really helped. I'm still a bit stuck for the Ice Eloin though. I fixed the elevator in Kanolo HQ some times ago, and more recently in the game I fixed the Boomer problem and the hole was they came from was filled. It's only after that that I talked to Nyla in Pedregal Spring and she told me to go talk to Amelia  but Amelia has dissapeared since the Boomer quest. When I take the elevator in Kanolo HQ, I access Kanolo B1 but I can't go through the electrified field and there seem to be boxes blocking a path. All I can do is read some documents on a computer there. I'm probably missing something crucial but I'm not sure where else I should go or what else to do to progress ?

(also this is off topic but I've been unable to complete Butler's quest for Bony Plates as they don't even appear in my Items at all anymore. They did when I had 1 or 2 but after I managed to get more than 4 they dissapeared and when I talk to Butler he acts like I haven't found enough of them. It's not really a problem, as I don't think it matter that much for the rest of the story (?) but I thought I'd mention it)

I was stuck there too. Once you get to the pile of boxes, go right until just before you get to the storage room. There is a vent below you that you can go through to get to that area.

Thank you so much for the help ! I don't think I would have ever found that out by myself lol

Thank you for the heads up, I will definitely look into this and see if I can replicate the issue.

To be clear, you say you started the quest from Butler, but once you obtained more than four (4) Bony Plates they vanished from your inventory and Butler claims you do not have enough of them now. Some questions:

1) Are they still able to be dropped by the Male Shellbeasts? If so, do the new plates appear in your inventory until you gather 4, and then vanish? or do they accumulate normally?
2) Am I correct in assuming you did not receive the extended dialogue about the history of the Treehuggers from Butler? If not, then what does he say when you speak to him?

I am fairly certain I know what is causing the issue, and if I am right it is a simple fix; but unfortunately to progress with Butler's storyline in the current version it appears that the player will need to gather EXACTLY four Bony Plates before talking to Butler near the fountain in Pedregal Springs in order to complete the quest. If however you DID complete the quest (i.e. you were able to tear down the posting in the Hunter's Guild) then the lack of new dialogue from Butler is possibly caused by either A) not levelling him up enough to hit the next story point, or B) Not having enough Treehugger Lore points to obtain the Tree Coin from him, which is a required step on the way to completing his final storyline quest. Doing so will help you learn more about Butler, the Eloin, and even give some hints about where the next game in the series is heading, but will not affect the ending (though you can also get a pretty incredible sword and shield if you are paying attention).

I hate that this quest is not functioning right, and I will be starting work on a final (?) update for the game in January, so keep an eye out for more info on this in the future!

I don't remember any extended history of the Treehugger from Butler, the Quest is still not completed and the notice about it is still up on the board. When I go talk to him in town he asks me if i'm here about the bounty and then Nolan tells him we don't have all the Bony Plates. I haven't gotten any other dialogue from him and I haven't gotten a Tree Coin (idk if you can only get it if the Bony Plates quest is done or not).

I'm  not sure if the Bony Plates are still dropped by Male Shellbeasts. I've only fought one recently and it didn't drop one, I've walked around in the plains near the tunnel to Coluna for awhile but I only found the one so far. I'll try to see if I can find more but if I don't at least it's not necessary to advance the main story so it's ok.

Thanks for looking into it though !