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Can you publish the source code or package the game as AppImage for Linux? I can't play it.

Also, there's libp2p from IPFS, which enables match making without central server.

See my comment immediately below for dependencies - the game is made with (by now) a pretty ancient version of GameMaker so it doesn’t run on modern distros out of box.

Given that I couldn’t get a valid .deb built for it at the time, I doubt that I can make an AppImage without migrating the game to a current GameMaker version (which is no easy feat because most of the code was written against an even older version of GM).

Ideally most of the code should be tossed out and rewritten from scratch against the current version of GameMaker and GGPO (or, perhaps, it’d be easier to implement deterministic netcode in the C++ rewrite?), though I don’t currently have time for either of these things - maybe some big client will eventually desire an example of a medium-sized GM game with GGPO to use as reference and would be willing to pay me to spend a few months doing that, but that’s wishful thinking.

libp2p looks pretty cool! Someone would have to write a GameMaker wrapper for it first though. I think Rust can export symbols in compliant format (extern "C" __attribute__ ((visibility("default"))) equivalent), but I’ve not worked with it so cannot comment further.