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you can have one eyes closed and sleep zzzzzzz


I think’s server need to contact Steam to get a Steam key.


Is the X hard-coded? By BABA logic this should work.


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thanks for the clarification

game hard

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it works like the top left box (2 forward, 1 left) but it is marked differently maybe i don’t understand the game enough

this is nice

I think I found a bug. The highlighted box doesn’t do what is advertised. image.png

thank you, jank master

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lemme out!


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I have connected up all the threads. (spoiler below)















. . . . . .


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stuck at Finale (・・)

key repeat -> keyboard the game registers “hold” as multiple quick presses (key repeat) firefox

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how is your word list multilingual :)


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have you handled the key repeat? the controls are broken.

good game. kind of weird how you can ladder across chasm (0) but not ladder across >=1. (bridge across two 2 over 1)

does this have any edge case where it would infinite loop like in baba? did’t find it so far

someone without chess knowledge probably would have found that faster


nice implementation! can you include a link to the game rules?

the time limit is not needed


nice game

Mission failed. We will get the ’em next time.

holy shit

this plays so differently than vampire survivors

The enemy scaling though… I clicked on the button too fast, and suddenly towers all over the map.

Need more unit types

can’t want to have FNF multiplayer

What the corn


After I killed the all ships, the game plays on. No win screen


how many levels are there?

Interesting game. bandages aren’t made of plastic.

Can a video game convey a metabolic process?

can’t describe my feeling playing this

janky hack mate

how did you come up with these puzzles?

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the top right castle has 0 points. Is this a bug?

10 Mar 2023:  15pts
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The screenshots are not showing on this page, but only in search page. Is this intended?

Have you thought of making an async multiplayer game? Basically race against recordings of other players.

Another idea: online multiplayer with or without vehicle collision, shared field, immediate income based on contribution (like $1/plant watered), but with fixed laps (fastest complete wins). So it’s a balance between shortcut <-> growth.

nice game! waiting for the neck-friendly edition