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Hey Spotlightor,

Thank you!

I think the game elements work well. I have done some game dev myself and I know how challenging things can be to get just right. Things that I would personally adjust are: 

1: The head collision maybe a little to, "grabby". There was a couple times I was close to the pillow but not touching it and it just "sucked" me right to it. Not sure if you have collision spheres or using distance function to calculate the distance between the two but to me feels like a little more leniency could be there. 

2: And the level with all the pots lined up in the center and the 2 moving pillows. Maybe a hint after the player hits a maximum try count the game maybe says something like "careful hitting the pots" or something. Just a little "Oh, ok" moment so the player doesn't get to frustrated and quit.

Just small things like that (in my opinion) would make the game a little more fun. And just so I'm clear, I'm in no way bashing this game I had a lot of fun playing it. Just one dev to another on my thoughts. 

Thanks for the comment on my post!!


Thank you so much for sharing your feedback in details. It really helped us visualize how the experience takes place. Your suggestions are well received here, they will help us focusing on the fun part rather than making the game too punishing. Thanks. : )