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It's nice that you're extrapolating information with at least some accuracy, but you missed what was said. Your model so far makes it look like you are greedy - this isn't to say you are, but you're using the model of a drug dealer here - which would work if you had a finished product, but you don't - in that you're giving people a small taste for free, just enough to try and hook us, but not enough to truly expose us to what it'd be like. Not that your game is likely to destroy lives, unlike Genshin Impact, but it's a decent enough comparison. 'First one's free, pay for the rest' is a common trope used in a lot of very sketchy and very unhealthy business models, both in gaming and outside of it.


Thanks for your opinion and playing the game. I hope you understand that i won't talk about such things here. Especially when people say we are greedy and compare our release model with drug dealers even before there are any prices. We will continue to update the demo based on feedback and then see how we proceeded. Have a nice day.


Don't use the 'first one's free' model and you won't get compared to a drug dealer, it's exactly how they get you hooked on things that will destroy your life. =/