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So you wish you had more choice at the end? Thx for the funny idea! ^^

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Thx for playing and your feedback!

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Sry there are no cheats in the current version. Maybe i put some shortcuts in the new one.

Thx for playing!

I'm sorry, I can't give you a date at the moment.  Don't have time to dev.  If things go better I'll try to finish

Thx for playing! I think the ending is hard to explain without text 🤔. But yeah the rest should work without, you right.

The demo should run faster now. The beginning has also been slightly adjusted. Try to plop 6 greens like a chain. This gives a combo. This also allows you to progress much faster. The red and blue also come earlier and more often. 

(Update 1.1)

Thanks for your opinion and playing the game. I hope you understand that i won't talk about such things here. Especially when people say we are greedy and compare our release model with drug dealers even before there are any prices. We will continue to update the demo based on feedback and then see how we proceeded. Have a nice day.

It's only 1 dialog about "the reaper takes the sweet flowers."

The combo works only with the with snowmans. Plop 6 near each other.

We wanted to see with the demo how people react to it, if things have to be done differently or changed. i have already changed the beginning based on feedback and we will add things there as well. Call it a preview, call it a demo, in the end it's a quibble. in the end it would be a lot more work to make changes in a full version than it is now in the development process. May be we will add the final image based on the feedback. We still have to discuss that. To accuse us of being greedy just because we are cautious and don't want to give everything away for free is a shame. I don't know if you are a developer yourself or know how much life time it can take to develop games but I can tell you that we have fun developing it and don't want to offend anyone.

It has also been written above what the content of the demo is since the first day.

We will then present our sales model when the game is finished. because showing people what is planned is not a problem for me either?

Thanks for your feedback!  happy Holidays!

Have released a small update :)

We also collect feedback for the full version with the demo. Thanks for your opinion!

I'm happy if you like it :)

I mentioned it in the description.

Ploping is love

Strange Thing, it can be. I try to fix this in the next version! Happy plopping!


Put a $ in the dataname, $waechter.png 


Which one do you use? What is the problem?

Do you know bubble wrap? Infinity fun ^^

The next version will also be much better :) worth waiting for. I would like to dev faster but currently it is not easy. Thank you for your patience! First tests on Android have been really great results! I like the game on this device!

The next version i working on would run on Windows Android and Mobile inc Touch UI.
The current Version is not optimized for Android/Mobil. Sry :(

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Thx for the report! I'm looking at this!

You can use the whip to stop activities.  E.g.  the meditation (it does it if you don't supervise it for a day) You can reset the game on the left (at the very beginning of the bar).

Have Fun :)

Thx for playing!

I will not change any more basic things. Maximum bugs fix. possibly I build a cheat for dice in the next update. Thanks for the feedback! The feedback will also flow into the next game.

A small neko for all grind tortured patients:

Thx! I fix this already.

Unfortunately I don't have time to test everything and create a new version at the moment. The new version has to wait a little longer.

(Don't want new bugs, I have changed some other stuff too)

Neko Escort Bonus gif!

I finished the UI rework today.

The new version should work with keyboard, mouse and touch on Windows, Web and Android.

Now I start to rework dialogs and switch the new Busts etc.

But I'm only making slow progress. Little free time for it :(

The new version definitely runs on Mobile :) Android should works too.

I finish to upgrade UI for all kind of input.

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It's only Pose 2? Rest works fine?

thx a lot, i try this out then the new version is finished.

Today i try some test builds on mobile devices and I thing i looks good for a android version :) hope it works!

Thx for the report!

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Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback! I'm currently reworking the game, but the mechanics won't change much. The dice are really random! I don't manipulate anything there at any time.

I'm totally happy that you like the look!

There are some practical changes coming in the new version.

For example, a display at the beginning which end you would see at the finish, as well as a display how the chances of success of this round are.

And of course Adult contend which opens new possibilities to get dice :)

But it also remains a classic variant playable.

I attach a few screenshots.

Thanks again for playing! Evtl you look sometime again purely :)

This shows up the ending Sequenz:
Green  -> Ending 1

Yellow -> Ending 2

Red -> Ending 3

New Bust:

New UI to show Dice, Rest fields, and  chance of success:

New Loading/Save Screen:

Thx! I happy that you like the idea of Adult Tamagotchi ^^

Nekogotchi is finished for me. I focus onmy other Game Nekomata. You can change the skins if you klick on the "Snailtec Logo" and try to klick an here in different situations too :) have fun!