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Congratulations! Sorry that you took so long. I'm very glad that you like the game :) that motivates me! Thank you for your comment.

Thanks for the analysis and your experience! Finally someone understands. The player must suffer as she suffers. The real end is reached when you give up.

I'm trying. But the budget for full h-scenes is difficult. But there will be a lot of nudity and pixelart again! And for sure some artworks.

I have enough sprites. Thank you! :)

What platform are you playing on?

i hope you find a working device/version!

Tested on 3 devices on 2 newer ones it works for me. On a weaker tablet the screen stays black. Unfortunately, the RPG Maker really needs a lot of power on mobile devices. Does the browser version run on your phone? If it doesn't work, the .apk won't work either.

Try the new Version:
Plop_Fantasy_Girls_DEMO_V1.3.1.apk [Parsing Fix]

I hope it works.

What version of Android do you have?

No, no seeds needed there! I wish you good luck :) 

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You can plant 2 at the top for 6 solar energy each and 2 at the bottom for 10 solar energy each.

I am currently working on improvements that I have taken from LP feedback. I am currently focusing only on English and German. Other languages are complicated as I have to edit many images. Unfortunately the development is a bit slow. But thanks for the interest and the comment :)

Are this screehots realy from the game? Looks like they were uploaded unintentionally.

Oh noes. Its not working with all spawn plugins. :(

This is pure love. THX

Okay, have fun!

That's a cool idea. Maybe he just wants to keep warm XD.

Thank you for playing! Good eye with the dialogs :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Desgraciadamente no se nada de español :( y eso es mucho trabajo. También tengo que adaptar la interfaz/imágenes/página de título. No lo creo por el momento. Estoy concentrado en nuevos proyectos.

Thx for you words. The project is paused. Maybe i will return one day and change the mechanics for better gameplay. And add the rest.

Obscure game. I like it. Hope there are enough souls for the Lord!

Cool Concept! Cthulu games are always exciting. I wish you the best and hope Cthulu rises on steam too :)

The game is based on Tamagotchi

So what did you expect? 

There are activities if you buy them in the shop.

If the mind is corrupted completely there is a ending scenes.

1 character, many pixelart h-scence with bigger pixel artworks by clicking the Character in different situations.

Unlock the first "activity" in the shop. (Cost 1 Dice) Community » » Ideas & Feedback · Created a new topic Just Thx

Thx for this awesome gamesharing platform!

Feedback should not only be for things that displease you. Therefore, I share some things that I particularly like!

I love how easy and fast you can create a new entry!

I love how easy it is to test my game here in the browser.

It's great that you can share almost any kind of game here, no matter what audience.

The analysis page is really helpful and always exciting!

Thanks to the team and!!!

Feel free to share your positive impressions here!

wow that was fast, thx a lot!

He forget 2 of them by my side games, but all from my maingame are gone! I'm very happy! Good work! ♡♡♡


3 of my Games has bad review bombing:

I report it all, but its 2 months ago:

Should i still wait or what can i do about it?

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Is it feasible that the area is transparent, so that you can see e.g. the desktop or the embedding in a browser? With the black border in the index it is easy, in the maker window itself it would be exciting.

I can't promise anything, but what animations would be interesting?

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I understand this ^^ but beat the game is not the mainquest :)

NSFC (Not Safe for Cats) Version ist the Adult Version. Once Nekomata was a Jam game with no adult content.  Since i put the Adult stuff in i needed a "extra label" for it. So all Adult versions has the NSFC label. The not adult version  Nekomata 1.3 is  no longer available. But some sites in the internet has still this old version of the game.

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Load it again and try it out. I put the wrong folder in.. It was late and i'm a little bit stupide sometimes xD It should be fixed! Thx for the Report!

I will fix this!

Sorry for the bug!