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You're so right! And I don't really have an excuse, a bunch of people sent me awesome probability tables, like this one by @aaronsxl on Twitter. I'll have to add it to the SRD in the next update! I do have enough info now for a v0.1 for sure. Thanks for checking out Caltrop Core!

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And inverted these same numbers would apply to a "roll Xd4 and take the lowest"!

That's the mod I would make - good things effecting a roll add dice (up to a max of 4) while bad things "remove" dice (down to a max of 4).  Below 1d4 is -2d4 and so on; the minus means take the lowest.  I would also make 4 the max instead of 5 since they're so similar, and because 4 is a 4 and we're all about 4s.  so:


This allows for games with truly miserable results happening under certain situations which can be ~FUN~ :)

P.S. I love the d4 and have also done some experimenting with it


This is awesome! Super cool idea!!