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Nice to see thread going pretty strong and interesting pitches with even more interesting games behind them. My first language isn't English, so I'm usually going for simpler descriptions, but having weird mechanics or characters help to keep it interesting

  • Iron Snout is a button-mash game, where you fight hordes of wolves with their own weapons & body parts
  • Cave Blast is a jetpack SHMUP with silly characters shooting bacon lasers and banana bombs at weird enemies
As far as emails go, I try adding questions or call to actions to the title. For Iron Snout it's "How many wolves can one piglet beat?". Can't say it works well, tho. Had only few replies.

Jim Sterling loved Iron Snout! Isn't that what really matters?

Sometimes I find phrasing it as a question can make it feel like you're setting them a chore unconciously, so I tend to avoid it.